Pint! The blue dye flax furoshiki Furoshiki (state)

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Pint! The blue dye flax furoshiki Furoshiki (state)


Tokushima, Japan County specialty of the blue dye, the traditional blue dye master production. Non-use of chemical material fixer, natural plant dyeing.
Fresh and soft, flax unique texture.

※ Furoshiki (Furoshiki) is used to carry the burden of cloth or storing items on Japanese tradition.
After the Meiji era, from Western Europe after the introduction of the bag, furoshiki usage reduction. Modern, even rarely seen in the streets of Japan. But in recent years, in the protection of the environment, the furoshiki is suggested to replace plastic bags. - References Wikipedia

Cap, bag, wrapped, transportation ... manner varied.
Whether traveling for business or on weekdays will be used to buy things, but also as a gift packing, when cold air conditioning also use it as a shawl or a cap on his knees. Very convenient.

Enjoy Furoshiki!

■ About "Pint!"
Pint! Was founded in 2012, dedicated to the production of "real fit the traditional Japanese techniques and materials (= Pint! Product)" Life grocery brands. Pint! Not only pay attention to the design of the product itself, and focus on making a long series of groceries can really be used in a wide range of modern life. Expectations through Pint! Can inherit the traditional Japanese art of product introduction to more preferences to enjoy every individual life.

The first two screens, other designs, please refer to the size.
3,4 Zhang picture, other designs, please refer bag inflect law.

90 × 90cm

Linen 100%

Handmade reasons, the size of how much there will be errors happen, how many have distinct colors and photo situation.
When the previous washing is recommended to be cleaned separately, do not mix and other light-colored clothing to avoid staining.
Use neutral detergent or washing with water, do not use bleach.
There are strong friction, there may be cross-dyed colors. If contaminated color, please clean place as soon as possible in.

[On Order]
Pint! Commodities are based on extremely rigorous handmade and limited production.
If you order goods not in stock, contact you by mail.
If stock, 3-5 working days to complete payment to EMS or international parcel mailed and e provide express delivery number.

Limited commodity initial defect production process, or damage during transmission can be returned.
Returns will not be accepted over the circumstances of the non.
Please contact by mail within 7 days of arrival.
If the reason for the return is sent in the process of damage, please inform the invoice (Invoice) number.

Made in Japan


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