【Carpenter Workshop】 retro industrial feng shui creative lamp LED study coffee shop decorative small table lamp

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【Carpenter Workshop】 retro industrial feng shui creative lamp LED study coffee shop decorative small table lamp


Product Name: Ling snake

Size specifications: width 20cm * height 46cm

Weight: 2.25kg

Light source: LED (cold light / warm light)

Switch: red handwheel switch (do not reverse super strong)

Voltage: 9v (with power adapter, support 110V - 220V)

Several ancient civilizations in the world, China, Babylon, Greece, Egypt, India and other countries, there are twelve ethnic customs, snakes are in it, its origins with human civilization can be seen. In the Chinese zodiac legend, the snake never take the initiative to hurt people, once evil thoughts germinate, they will evil into a layer of skin shed, in order to show a new man. The Eden snake, recorded in the Bible, took God's forbidden law and inspired Adam and Eve to steal the forbidden fruit so that mankind would know good and evil and pass the truth. The great significance of this feat is no less inferior to the Prometheus. The famous Maya Kukulkan shrine, is the meaning of the Temple of Yu snake. The Greek goddess of wisdom Athena's pet is a symbol of wisdom and longevity of the snake. Hermes, the envoy to Zeus, also held a double snake symbolizing the privilege in his hands. As for India, it is a country full of spiritual snake worship, the snake as their patron saint. According to legend, the ancestor of Yan Huang, the clan of women and children, the same is a snake as a totem worship. It must be said that there is a mysterious spirituality in the snake's body, which represents wisdom, guardianship and authority, which are awesome and fascinating.

Design Hall Introduction:
Find Joy is a young industrial creative company integrating design, development, production and sales.
Carpenter, that is, ingenuity. Ingenuity, is the heart of valve workers, but also the craftsman's conscience and conscience.
Tradesman's heart, from the heart, in hand. Carpenter's products are purely hand-built, in this era of well-developed machine lines seem a bit clumsy and out of tune. However, the craftsmen always adhere to this, because the hand is a temperature, passionate. In the era of a barren wilderness, there are things that we need to insist on to inherit.
Time-consuming extra trouble, but the income is meager; Haoshou poor, but not with the people - this is a portrait of many master craftsmen portrayal. The world is not fair to some people who work hard in silence, and some people still insist on doing it. The only thing they want is to be splendid, creative, simple and conservative.
The craftsmen want to continue and inherit the share of the pride and dedication as a craftsman, to preserve the precious little preserved. Therefore, the product has a nearly metamorphosis of the strict, from design to the choice of materials to production, focusing on every detail, stubbornly slow day after day work, carving skills, the pursuit of perfection.
Under the influence of collective traits and personal traits, the tradesman spirit has become one of the endogenous forces in the development of the carpenter's work from word to word and from time to time through long-term accumulation and precipitation - meticulousness, excellence and consistency.
From production to management, all about the carpenter, eventually rooted in eight words:
Patriarchs, do not break the heart.

Use and maintenance methods

This design section for the tap way to turn on the lights do not turn super vigor

Our products are hand-made, there will be scored or worn production, perfectionists do not buy

Buying lamps will be packed in cardboard boxes
We will help you pack the bubble paper
Cartons are generally decent carton boxes are not decent gifts
Preventing any collision during shipping This is something we are constantly noticing
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in China
Delivery time: 3 ~ 4 days after delivery can be delivered Delivery: SF Express
Delivery time: 1 ~ 2 days out of the library


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