Twenty sister Ami fragrant mushroom flavor 30G * 2 into the brine bag / box - through safety inspection

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ภายใน 1 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Twenty sister Ami fragrant mushroom flavor 30G * 2 into the brine bag / box - through safety inspection


Night 5-5000 legend!
Each brine bag are using the original sheet do break, the more the more fragrant halo!
Adhere to choose good ingredients native - using Taiwan to ingredients and selected herbs
Genting forest tea: from the fertile soil, the temperature difference between day and night mountain plateau top, Genting tea which features rich and elegant floral, the taste glycol. With mushroom incense halogen halogen package can easily have a pot of tea and mushroom dishes fragrant boiled eggs!
Novosti mushrooms: in particular the use of Taiwan's largest mushroom origin - Novosti village, selected to the ground like mushrooms after a high speed labeled pieces added halogen package, so you do not add another, you can have a good mushroom dishes overflowing!
Selected Chinese herbal medicines: a collection of nearly 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, angelica, anise, spiced so has spicy, sweet, easy entry of the characteristics of the assembly together, the whole family to meet your discerning taste buds!
☆ By no pesticide residues, no sulfide inspection.
☆ insured 32 million product liability insurance.
Capacity: 30 grams X2 bags (mushroom incense packet halogen bag 27 grams X2, X2 packet tea bag 3 grams).
Ingredients: sugar, no bleach sugar, licorice, dried mushrooms, black pepper, allspice, angelica, anise, salt, Gui, fennel, pepper, three Chennai, cinnamon, tea.
Ami delicious little sister Piebu:
After marinating good ingredients picked up, you can make gravy with frozen brine bag made of old marinade, halogen together next time out can considerably flavor.

Ami sister brand story
Early Republic of China 70 years, Ami sister burdened with huge economic pressure to the elders, every day chasing money to live life day to work with children in Laos chicken night at the night market stall. Founder - Ami sister, beginning with traditional halogen method shamisen (star anise, spiced with soy sauce) to do for boiled eggs halogen package substrate, but business has always been really up and lasted thirty nights sold only a sense of loss and 5 boiled eggs No Down Ami sister fight on the effort. With innate sensitivity to the ingredients, traveled to Taiwan streets searching out a variety of ingredients to the ground, in particular the brine bag deployment side, from the traditional shamisen, promoted nearly 20 kinds of ingredients rich in mushrooms halogen package, boiled eggs fragrant mushroom business has reached more than a legendary late 5000, a man to food and clothing, thus drawing three children also grow up! The summer of 2012, the founder Ami sister to let more people can feel that special mushroom incense halogen cooking, and let more people at home can be easy and simple halogen to meet a person's taste, decided unreservedly share share of moving delicious.


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