Birthstone of January ∣ Garnet Shell Pearl Sunstone Wedding Bracelet

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Birthstone of January∣ Garnet Shell Pearl Sunstone Wedding Bracelet


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Birthstone of January ∣ Garnet Shell Pearl Sunstone Wedding Bracelet


**●Garnet** Garnet, the birthstone of the month of January, symbolizes "constancy", "innocence" and "happiness and eternal love." Garnet represents a wedding gem, and when married for 18 years, it is also called "garnet marriage." **●Shell** Represents long-lasting and good blessings. **●Pearl** Pearl is an ancient organic gem. In addition to being the birthstone in June, it is also listed as a commemorative stone for the 13th and 30th anniversary of marriage by the international gemstone circle. It symbolizes health, purity, beauty, wealth and happiness, and has been loved by people since ancient times. **●Sun Stone** Recruit wealth, recruit noble people, and wish you luck in your career. The sun stone is an energy stone to accompany well. It can resolve depression and bring more confidence, optimism and positive attitude. Corresponding to the sun wheel, the main focus is on wealth, can become the focus of everyone, strengthen cohesion, and help interpersonal relationships and work. It is radioactive energy, so it can be used to block negative energy and avoid bad luck. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- **【product name】** Mu Furong 047 **【Material】** Garnet·Sunstone·Shell·Pearl·Pink Wood Fossil·Brass **[Size]**__**(Please provide the actual hand circumference without adding any numbers by yourself. If you have special requirements, for example, if you want to fit the hand circumference, please indicate it in the remarks column; if not specified , We will make our default comfortable size according to the actual hand provided by you)**__ ☞ Actual hand circumference is 14CM (if there is a decimal point, please choose the closest; or fill in the decimal point in the remarks column) ☞ Actual hand circumference 15CM (general girl’s hand circumference) ☞ The actual hand circumference is 16cm (if there is a decimal point, please choose the closest; or fill in the decimal point in the remarks column) ☞ If the hand circumference is greater than 16CM, please write to the designer to discuss, please do not place an order by yourself, thank you 🙏🏻 **[Look here for size measurement]** Please take a thin wire around your wrist and lay it flat on the table to measure the length corresponding to the ruler. **[About the product itself]** ●The size of each natural stone will be different. The length of the finished product will not be exactly the same as the ordered size. The error within ±0.5 cm is normal. ●The color and texture of each natural stone is unique, and the actual product cannot be exactly the same as the natural stone in the product photo. ●Due to the different sizes of the selected products, and the size of the ore will not be exactly the same, the finished product arrangement will be slightly adjusted by the designer according to the length without additional notice. If you have special needs, please write to us for discussion. ●If you are not sure about the size selection or want to customize other sizes, please write to the designer to discuss. **【package】** Don’t pack too much. If you buy more than one bracelet, we will pack it according to the size of the bracelet. We may pack multiple bracelets together, but we will first evaluate whether the materials will rub against each other, please don’t worry😊❤️ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- **【Use and maintenance method】** ●Long-term exposure to water, sweat, cosmetics, etc. will accelerate the fading and oxidation of gold plating and brass. ●It is not recommended to wear it in bathing, swimming and hot spring areas. ●It is recommended to use a soft dry cloth to wipe lightly when not wearing it to remove moisture and dirt, and place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air. ●Brass can be wiped with copper oil to restore its original luster. Copper oil can be purchased at hardware stores. ●I like the natural retro style of brass when exposed to the air. Copper oil is not required, but it is recommended not to touch water. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- **【Precautions】** ●Because the screen resolution of each computer is different, the product in the photo may have a slight color difference. ●Please ask if there are any materials available before ordering. ●**Natural minerals inevitably have ice cracks, clouds, and small ore defects. They are all natural features and do not belong to the scope of flaws. For products such as polishing and sanding, there will inevitably be cut edges or crystals during crystal cutting, and there may be a little imperfection. For those who are perfect, please think twice and confirm before buying. The beauty of natural ore lies in its unique texture.** ●**Because the products are all customized in size, except for very obvious defects (refer to the defect description above), returns are not accepted, and returns due to product size problems or human problems are not accepted. If there are any problems, they must be returned after receipt Letter to inform within three days.** ●**When returning the goods related to defects, the gifts should be returned together with the package contents intact, otherwise the return will not be accepted.** ●**If you have to send it back for modification due to personal size selection errors, the buyer will have to bear the round-trip shipping, and the charges will be determined according to the situation.**


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