Pure dry bird's nest gift box 20g pure natural big swallows Mid-Autumn Festival healthy health nutrition taste early adopters

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Let's Healthy Natural. Pure swallows (big swallows) * two weeks early adopters** Content: pure natural big swallow 2


10g x 2
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Pure dry bird's nest gift box 20g pure natural big swallows Mid-Autumn Festival healthy health nutrition taste early adopters


__Facebook fan group: Let's Yan Le Siyan__ ❤️Let's Yan Le Siyan bird's nest good ❤️ Rational health, sentimental love Heart (new) Italian bird brand In this busy society, it is often overlooked that health is the foundation of life. When you have the ability, be kind to the health of yourself and the people you love, Le Siyan will take care of you and the people you love with you: Love & Health & Rationality is our philosophy, Different from the traditional mysterious impression of bird's nest, Le Siyan will tell you 1) Eating bird's nest is not equal to spending big money 2) How to eat bird's nest scientifically 3) Original ecological green house ❤️ pure swallow series Smiles don't cost, but they create beautiful interactions, and health doesn't require a heavy weight, as long as it's carefully calculated. With a little amount plus your smile you can bring out the most beautiful person in you ❤️Product introduction https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/letsyan/products/5572b2e12f49a98a41000069/851-1ovqwui.jpg.jpg Let's Healthy Natural. Pure swallows (big swallows) ** two weeks early adopters** Content: pure natural big swallow 20g The swallow is an imperfect shape of the swallow, but the nutritional value is still very high. The silk swallow's swallows are similar in shape to the swallows, which is different from the thin swallows on the market. Specially launched a small early adopter version, For the first time to try the bird's nest, It’s better to act now! ! ! ❤️ dosage: Unpacking a pack (10g) at a time, for the rest of the week, After stewing, cool down, place in the refrigerator, and scoop a spoonful in the morning and evening. Stew once a week for a week, Let you stew fresh and eat with peace of mind, What to eat and what to add, create your own bird's nest recipe. A box of 20g is available for one person for 14 days, wow! Small reminder: Hard pregnant mommy, don't forget that you have to eat two people! ❤️Love Yan exclusive theme series card Although the bird's nest is precious, your mind is more infinite. https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/letsyan/products/5572af417e1f768641000069/5828-1g2xzoc.jpg.jpg Dear, you can choose a theme card that suits your mind. Miss Yan will be sent along with the bird's nest to convey a unique warm heart to you~ Please choose from the following six exclusive theme cards: Theme ㄧ: Forever home https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/5572bfd3f6a6b07f2038449a/images/87707-%E8%9E%A2%E5%B9%95%E5%BF%AB%E7%85%A7%202015-06-25%201.14.51%20PM.png?w=1440 Theme 2: Big smile https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/5572bfd3f6a6b07f2038449a/images/15174-%E8%9E%A2%E5%B9%95%E5%BF%AB%E7%85%A7%202015-06-25%201.18.58%20PM.png?w=1440 Theme 3: Holding hands with big hands https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/5572bfd3f6a6b07f2038449a/images/74144-%E8%9E%A2%E5%B9%95%E5%BF%AB%E7%85%A7%202015-06-25%201.21.33%20PM.png?w=1440 Theme 4: Partners https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/5572bfd3f6a6b07f2038449a/images/77204-%E8%9E%A2%E5%B9%95%E5%BF%AB%E7%85%A7%202015-06-25%201.21.15%20PM.png?w=1440 Theme 5: It's good to have you. https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/5572bfd3f6a6b07f2038449a/images/68884-%E8%9E%A2%E5%B9%95%E5%BF%AB%E7%85%A7%202015-06-25%201.20.30%20PM.png?w=1440 Theme 6: Smile blank card ---1) Can be ordered by the subscriber (we will attach a blank smiley card) ---2) Write service (please remember to leave the text you want to pass in the purchase remarks column) https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/5572bfd3f6a6b07f2038449a/images/39169-%E8%9E%A2%E5%B9%95%E5%BF%AB%E7%85%A7%202015-06-25%201.18.58%20PM.jpg?w=1440 ❤️Dr. Yan teaches you to become a doctor of bird's nest https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/letsyan/products/5572af417e1f768641000069/12655-1h94o28.png.png A ** bird's nest small handbook will be attached to the gift box** (There are lazy people who cook bird's nest method, how many times to eat, when to eat best, nutrition, bird's nest knowledge, etc.) Novice friends don't worry, let you know bird's nest in all aspects:) In addition to the bird's nest stew teaching small handbook, you can also watch the teaching videos :) ❤️Chef Yan bird's nest cooking classroom https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/5570fb4ef6a6b07f2038330f/images/8067-%E8%9E%A2%E5%B9%95%E5%BF%AB%E7%85%A7%202015-08-06%202.20.26%20PM.png?w=1440 🎬---Teach you to easily stew bird's nest at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo2o-g-JqDQ ❤️ aerobic envelope design & environmentally friendly Lafite: https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/letsyan/products/5572af417e1f768641000069/6357-17za262.jpg.jpg In order to let Yan fans enjoy the highest quality bird's nest, 1) Specially use "POF aerobic respiration non-toxic environmental protection film", each one of the 盏 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 细 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 盏 2) Specially imported "Environmental Natural Lafite" as a cushioning material, and hand-washed in wooden boxes, surrounded by precious oysters, to prevent collision of logistics, to ensure the complete delivery of the bird's nest. __________________________________ 👏Test complete information transparency, has passed the test and was published to the SGS peace of mind platform, welcome to inquire :) https://gc.meepcloud.com/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/559b86d210da6a0152cd7043/images/3027-%E5%AE%98%E7%B6%B2SGS%E6%AA%A2%E9%A9%97%E5%B0%81%E6%A2%9D%E6%B5%B7%E5%A0%B1.jpg?w=1440 Recommended word of mouth 😭Thanks to the netizens for their true feelings and recommendation, let the young but thoughtful brand see the hope https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/letsyan/products/57173284bdee04c610000018/9582-wgt2p9.jpg.jpg 👏 Won the honor of “Word of Popularity Store” One of Taiwan's most credible netizens shared the evaluation network---- ipeen love evaluation network certification https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/letsyan/products/57c44fee89acab5472000006/18731-ggmcdq.jpg.jpg ___________________________________ A good bird's nest, from a good natural environment🐦 Taiwan brand---Indonesia natural raw material import/Taiwan manufacturing https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/55a232b188713802389c5c81/images/6530-%E9%97%9C%E6%96%BC%E6%A8%82%E7%B5%B2%E7%87%95%20%E7%87%95%E7%AA%A9.jpg?w=1440 https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/55a232b188713802389c5c81/images/8266-%E7%87%95%E7%AA%A9%E5%8E%9F%E6%96%99%E5%9C%961.jpg?w=1440 https://d1sjohhejdd65m.cloudfront.net/meepshop/shop/letsyan/layout/55a232b188713802389c5c81/images/3075-%E7%87%95%E7%AA%A9%E5%8E%9F%E6%96%99%E5%9C%962.jpg?w=1440 https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/letsyan/products/57c418663c0a45d66f000004/1597-792za2.png.png https://d15rk7qij7uiby.cloudfront.net/shop/letsyan/products/57c418663c0a45d66f000004/1733-8y39i.png.png Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Taiwan ❤️ This product has passed the audit and has already insured the NT$10 million product insurance. Please feel at ease.


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