860cc special cup tasters [MSA] RONA Lynx Panther series Burgundy Burgundy Cup lead-free crystal glass sculpture customization

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860cc special cup tasters [MSA] RONA Lynx Panther series Burgundy Burgundy Cup lead-free crystal glass sculpture customization


**Please contact press [designer] Remarks lettering content (in English, Japanese and Korean digital can)** Brand: MSA GLASS ENGRAVING Brand: RONA LYNX series dedicated sommelier Material: lead-free crystal cup / Burgundy mug / cup hand Size: 24.5cm x 13cm / 860cc **Customized range: + a leopard FIG text (in English and Japanese digital can)** **(Special customized according to the complexity of the additional offer, welcome to provide custom drawing)** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIR1alYb-3c **Crystal Leopard carving creative process** http://www.nt150.com.tw/shop/Stores_APP/images/images_103/GA1280-6.jpg http://www.nt150.com.tw/shop/Stores_APP/images/images_103/GA1280-7.jpg http://www.nt150.com.tw/shop/Stores_APP/images/images_103/GA1280-8.jpg http://www.nt150.com.tw/shop/Stores_APP/images/images_103/GA1280-9.jpg **Unequal Beibi thin crystal engraving process will produce a deep crack** http://www.nt150.com.tw/shop/Stores_APP/images/images_103/GA1280-5.jpg **RONA Brand** Glowing glass factories, craftsmen division of labor: the cup body blow feed → → → pull-cup feet feed → plastic bottom of the cup, each step is the accumulation of experience, precise craft. In order to ensure skilled artisan products & accuracy & efficiency, these craftsmen to self-production, lifetime only one size of product, so that it can hand the achievements of RONA cup delicate. Slovakia ancient origin Boximiya Kingdom Central European countries, in more than one hundred kilometers away from the capital to the north, there is a quiet and peaceful village ──Lednické Rovne, Slovakia has a proud people, the country's largest lead-free crystal glass ── "RONA". Glass originated from the ancient Egyptians, and then spread to the Middle East, Rome and other places, the twelfth century AD, due to the development of trade, Venice became the world's manufacturing center of glass. Slovakia where the ancient Boximiya rich one kind of natural minerals suitable for the manufacture of glass, with technology, Venetian glass craftsmen from the glass industry in this area to flourish. RONA in 1892 in Lednické Rovne founded by Austrians Schreiber Neffen, because of the brand name from the village name, RONA inception emphasis on product quality and processing technology, its products have a unique design and sophisticated style, all the rage at the time, is the preferred state banquet dishes in many European countries, and adopted by many star hotels, such as the then famous Sacher hotel. After the first and second world war, and during the Cold War was nationalized after the Soviet Union collapsed, RONA taken over by the new shareholders, return to the private sector, the sustainable development of the glass industry. Today, RONA companies and factories are located in Lednické Rovne, founder of the castle because there are centuries-old and is listed as monuments, large budget annually Provision renovated castle save as. In addition, the office is also located in the castle, and antique showrooms, sample room, restaurant, visit. Slovakia has become a place of tourist attraction, attracting visitors flock to the castle experience the quiet elegance of the atmosphere and glass and intricate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mql76s2bCA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy3p9oU8ms4


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