Farmland Integrated Spread / Three Entry Group

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Pumpkin cheese spread 70g, purple potato milk spread 70g, ruby latte spread 70g


70g x 3
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ภายใน 1 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Farmland Integrated Spread / Three Entry Group


Pumpkin cheese spread 70g, purple potato milk spread 70g, ruby latte spread 70g █ Idea of Damujia Damu farmland, a piece of field, in the Puli mountainous area with high quality, farmers carefully cultivate healthy fruits. Farmland fallow, nourish the land, apply organic fertilizer, natural enzymes to enhance the fertility ..., let healthy soil grow healthy fruits in a natural way. Next to the land is the 100-year-old black tea forest, which protects the farmland from wind and regulates the temperature of the farmland. On the field, a couple smiles and loves the earth, using the most simple and traditional cultivation methods, taking care of the crops above, Our farmland is not big, but we take it slowly and give everyone the freshest fruits and return to rough food. "If you eat, you must be worthy of yourself; if you sell it, you must be worthy of your conscience." █ Natural ingredients Dongsheng Pumpkin / Fresh and fresh natural healthy food-Dongsheng pumpkin The Dongsheng variety has thick meat, soft taste, bright color and rich nutrition, and has high sweetness in pumpkin fiber. Purple Sweet Potato / The dense and delicate purple-skinned purple sweet potato has a bright color and a light floral fragrance. It is delicious when steamed! In addition to starch and protein, purple potato is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, carotene, vitamin C, Anthocyanins and other nutrients are good snacks for all ages. Ruby Black Tea / Taiwan Tea on the 18th, the world ’s only endemic tea species only found in Taiwan ’s Yuchi Township, Taste sweet and mellow, this charming aroma comes from Taiwan wild camellia, It makes people unforgettable for a long time after tasting, and was once hailed as a unique "Taiwan fragrance" by black tea experts. It is a very unique variety in the world-famous black tea, which is called "the world's top". █ Storage method After receiving the product, please keep it in a refrigerator and eat it within 10 days. █ Appreciation ❤ Dongsheng pumpkin is a kind of warm food with soft and dense taste. Pumpkin cheese spread is suitable to be eaten with bread, bagels, or made into fruit and vegetable sandwiches. It can also be added to hot milk and hot soy milk to drink warmly! Pumpkin Spread Bagel Cut the bagels in half, bake them in the oven for 2 minutes, and spread them with pumpkin sauce, sprinkle with cinnamon powder and brown sugar powder as you like. Pumpkin Double Potato Salad Sweet potatoes and potatoes are steamed and mashed, add pumpkin spread and nuts. Pumpkin milk Add a spoonful of pumpkin spread to the hot milk. ❤ Ruby latte spread has a strong taste and is the favorite of many friends, it is suitable for French bread, shortbread, Or make it into a sweet pizza, or add it to hot milk and hot soy milk to drink warmly! Ruby berry PIZZA Spread ruby spread on pizza skin, add dried berries, marshmallows, crushed nuts, and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Ice Cream Ruby A spoonful of ruby latte spread can be added to the ice cream. Ruby Latte Muffin The well-made muffins can be sandwiched with ruby latte sauce to enjoy double happiness. ❤ Purple potato milk spread is suitable for toast bread, yogurt, or you can heat the milk to make "purple potato milk" for drinking! Purple Potato Milk Yogurt Originally for yogurt, add purple potato milk spread. Purple Potato Cheese Too old to make the process, add the purple potato milk sauce to the cheese body and wait until it has set. Purple Potato Sandwich Put purple potato milk spread, avocado slices, apple slices, and alfalfa sprouts together in toast bread. █ Product specifications ✔ Product name: Farmland Integrated Spread-Three Entry (including low-temperature freight) . Pumpkin cheese spread 70g, purple potato milk spread 70g, ruby latte spread 70g ✔ Spread ingredients: . Pumpkin Cheese Spread / Fresh Dongsheng Pumpkin, Guangquan Fresh Milk, Cheese Cheese, French PRESIDENT Fresh Cream, Rock Sugar . Purple Potato Milk Spread / Purple Heart Sweet Potato, Guangquan Fresh Milk, Cream Cheese, French PRESIDENT Fresh Cream, Rock Sugar . Ruby Latte Matcha / Ruby Black Tea, Guangquan Fresh Milk, French PRESIDENT Fresh Cream, Rock Sugar ✔ Product weight: 70g ± 5% X 3pcs ✔ Shelf life: Keep in cold storage and consume within 10 days. ✔ Arrival date: Arrival within 3 ~ 7 days after the order is completed. Pumpkin Cheese Spread / 210g Ruby Latte Spread / 210g Purple Potato Milk Spread / 210g


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