Pottery Classic - Mini Cup (10.99mS group)

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ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
Pottery Classic - Mini Cup (10.99mS group)


Pottery Classic - Mini Cup (10.99mS group)
Classic mini mugs series -Baby cup
Material / Material: Porcelain / Porcelain
Size / Size:
Mini-cup rice: Φ52 x H 70 mm. 110ml
Baby Grain
Mini Bottle Cup: Φ53 x H 85 mm. 100ml
Baby Aqua
Mini curved glass: Φ53 x H 70 mm. 110ml
Baby Curve
Mini Cheers: Φ51 x H 66 mm. 120ml
Baby Skoal
Mini cream cup: Φ54 x H 66 mm. 120ml
Baby Butter

Tell me baby
Sky to sprinkle powdered sugar until sweet,
Mr. Sun after eating can be happy all day.
Thunder grandfather ran a bad mood sometimes left roar out
Therefore, the tree brother to wear seatbelts
So as not to scare fly away
There's also,
Miss Moon has been with me every time how
Mom, can help I told her, I'll be okay shy?

Baby talk always makes you smile and be happy all day.
Baby imagination makes you keep innocence and have a young mind.
The mini body arouses your childlike heart and also keeps fashionable style.
Be cute, be interesting, and be classical.

Wa ga ga words っ ta child
Empty powder sugar wo ni fu ku na ri ka ke Gan ~ te
Sun san ga ta ta ra fortunate べ ru se ni na
Ray お い ji chi machine too ゃ san ga E い と ki
Semantic semantic ro ro ro semantic semantic ro と Naruto ~ te ru
Fly nai ba seu ni
Large wooden san ka na wa ra zu シ ー ベ Hikaru Suites Suites wo shi Circular ru
と thou, thou と
お month Yang wa-do u shi te mo bo ku い zu zu ni ~ te carbonate from の
Ma ma bo ku ni お Yang month according ga me cry ru と い ~ te ku nai me cry?

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Use and precautions:
1. Note: Do not iron brush or cleaning supplies scrubbing relatively hard to prevent scratching the surface of the ceramic product.
2. Note: You can place a microwave, dishwasher, washing in hot water.
3. This product is handmade products, the cup is 100% non-perfect circle, as both the capacity and the size of ± 3% yield.
4. If this product is damaged, black spots, pinholes and other defects, please contact our customer service staff to return.
5. True Color Please refer to the actual product.

Watch list during application:
1. Beware: Do not clean with iron brush or cleaning utensils made of hard and solid materials to protect the surface of porcelain being scratched.
2. Beware: It can be washed in microwave oven, dish washing machine or boiling hot water.
3. This merchandise is handicraft product with the mug not 100% round in shape, but for those with capacity and size within ± 3% are rated as good quality.
4. If ever there is any damage or blemish spot or pinholes, etc, please contact this company's customer service for exchange of merchandise.
5. For accurate coloring, please refer to the actual products of merchandise.

Use the の note:
1. Note: The surface of the ceramic article の injury zu ga ki ma si の で, ワ イ シ or Yakult bu ra wa hard の い で wipe cleaning supplies ri na I wash い で shi ku da sa i.
2. Electronic re nn ji で の heating, dish washing machine い, で の soup Wash desu ga possible.
3. This article ni damaged, black spot, Pink nn の ホ Hikaru and other defects Thou っ ta ga occasions, when those have social の customer Bldg Department ri ni su return goods or exchange wo ご い wa ku da sa i talk.
The correct color wa na Mika occasion の commodity reference ni wo shi te ku da sa i.

Design & amp; Made in Taiwan


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