Hearing Taiwan! Hand Cranked Sounds of Taiwan

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Hearing Taiwan! Hand Cranked Sounds of Taiwan


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZLfJ3UnqzM A fusion of music arranged by well-known Taiwanese musicians. Built exclusively by gold medal-winning Taiwanese designers. 100% hand-crafted by a master Taiwanese carpenter. The perfect combination of music, design and craft. Again, reaching a new peak in musical aesthetic. The greatest feature of a hand crank music box is the joy of producing music by manually turning the crank. Each sheet of music and each note contain a musical story. The exquisitely designed sheets of music generate a gentle flow of beautiful music when manually cranked through the mechanism. The meticulous exterior design, decorated with images of musical instruments and many types of plants and animals found in Taiwan, fills the music box with a feeling of fashionable creativity. Each music box is hand-crafted. Each sheet of music is the product of painstaking efforts by musicians. Music includes select folk songs from Taiwan and around the world, Wind Music’s top-selling songs, and pop songs. Plain and humane, it presents both contemporary pop music as well as traditional sentiments. A musical narration of Taiwanese stories that allows you to feel the ambience of Taiwan. Open your ears to the beautiful sounds of Taiwan. We invite you to hear Taiwan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_ohNyWzg4I -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Product Manual】 The Hear Taiwan Hand-Crank Music Box includes: 1) One hand-crank music box (includes mechanism) 2) One hole puncher 3) Two pre-punched music strips: one for Spring Breeze and one for Happy Birthday 4) One un-punched DIY music strip for Forest Rhapsody 5) Product manual 6) One high-quality felt bag to store music strips 7) One hardcover gift box **How to use the hole puncher:** 1) Open the yellow knob on the hole puncher. 2) Place the hole puncher so that the bottom faces upward. Align the hole with the dots on the music strip and lightly press the hole puncher. 3) It takes about 15 minutes to punch the holes for one song. If you don’t have time to punch all the holes in one sitting, we suggest you first punch the red dots of the main melody. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **9 Guidelines for Maintaining Your Hand-Crank Music Box** 1.As long as you take proper care of your music box, it will last long enough to be passed down for generations. 2.Place the music box on a level surface. Keep it from falling down or any manner of collision with other objects. 3.Gently insert the music strip. Push it in just enough until you feel it stick inside. 4.Turn the crank in the direction indicated (clockwise). Do not turn it counterclockwise as that may damage the mechanism or shorten its service life. 5.Slowly turn the crank to play the music. Serious wear will result for the mechanism if it is handled roughly. 6.Do not pull the music strip by hand to play music. Only once you hear a “click” is the music strip finished playing. 7.If you are unable to insert or remove the music strip, please contact us for help. Do not take the music box apart and try to resolve the problem on your own. 8.For music boxes that have been damaged by the user, once the reason for damage has been confirmed and a visual assessment of the damage has been made, fees for parts and repair services will be collected.


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