Metal-stone pattern jade jewelry bracelet - earth color (pure handmade. Lucky. Gifts. Jewelry. Czech glass. Myanmar jade. Bracelet. Gift box.

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Metal-stone pattern jade jewelry bracelet - earth color (pure handmade. Lucky. Gifts. Jewelry. Czech glass. Myanmar jade. Bracelet. Gift box.


/ Product description and story / By the Czech glass, the United States imported art copper, natural jade composed of hand-made texture of metal bracelet! The whole are pure hand made from. / Offer / Welcome to the latest "News" newsletter to see if there are any new promotions! **/ This merchandise in the physical store consignment, if you want to buy the first letter to ask, so as not to cause misunderstanding, thank you! /** / Size, size, size / 1. Natural Burmese jade 6mm (7) 2. Czech glass stone about 4mm (40) 6. The total length of about 20.5cm, suitable for hand 14 to 16cm users. / Size change / 1. This section**Metal-stone grain glass jade bracelet - earth color**whole are made of metal wire. Metal wire accessories are spot size, if any other size requirements welcome letter and Ying 羱 discussion made. **This service must be paid by the buyer before the change, modify the hand about 1 to 2 working days, if your hand length and spot match, no such problem.** / Material / 1. American imports of art copper wire - silver 2. Glass 3. Czech glass 4. Natural Burmese jade / Packaging / This section**Metal-stone pattern glass jade bracelet - earth color**with a gift box, such as color gift box exhausted or out of stock, the original product map gift box color for reference, the actual gift box to the main color ,Hereby inform. / Photography introduction / The pictures are taken in kind, and the use of natural light and LED light, photographic equipment and computer screen will affect the color rendering. If you need to see more of this section of the show welcome to Ying 羱 blog to watch. / Hand-made wire Introduction / Ying is the use of the United States imports of color preservation of the art of metal copper, the outer layer of thin layer of protective film is a durable type of metal wire, but any metal may be due to environmental and use factors make the color gradually enhance the complex texture. Made of metal wire made of jewelry itself has a hand texture is different from the general mechanical production of jewelry, its unique place may be the production process of the beat traces, even if the pair of jewelry, such as the shape of the twin is very similar There are still differences in the existence of personal characteristics, unlike the factory produced exactly the same precision. Intimate to remind you, the metal line jewelry under the normal wear and tear should not pay attention to not too hard to fold. The above description, especially for those who love hand texture. / Jade profile / According to modern technology analysis jade contains many beneficial elements of the human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, etc., each jade content is different, the jade itself contains the number of elements Will affect the color of jade show. Since ancient times, jade has a evil body care of the smell, it is royal family favorite jewelry, thousands of miles to meet, jade will find the Lord of fate. Wearing jade pieces can raise their health, often encounter elegant people can let the villain away. Natural ore or jade are mostly natural lines or features (such as: stone, impurities, clouds, sand holes, ribbons, natural pit and other mineral deficiencies), is not flawed, if the perfect person do not buy, thank you. / Jade features / 1. "Heavenly Creations" mentioned jade received Yuhua made. Jade is the essence of the sun and the moon, can protect the body evil. 2. Jade itself can condense a positive magnetic field, it is suitable for people who need to enhance the fate of people wear. 3. Every piece of jade is a native texture and features, fine tours can find all the beauty of the United States! / Glass Introduction / Glass is made by the artificial work in more than thousands of degrees above the working environment after repeated firing, grinding, modification can be completed, the light transmission or dyeing, etc. have to go through the above complicated process, the glass if the bubble is a normal phenomenon Is not a defective product, each glass beads because it is artificial firing, fineness and texture as shown, so the size will be slightly different. / Use and maintenance mode / 1. Wear the metal bracelet adjusted to the state is not easy to loose, intimate to remind you that any opening design of the metal wire bracelet should avoid too much action to shake the hand, so as to avoid jewelry loose. 2. usually adjustable in the wrist on the shape of the opening up or the general shape, there are two sides can adjust with the mood. 3. Because it contains metal jewelry, so please do not wear the folder when using the folder bag, take a bath, please be sure to remove. 4.**intimate to remind you that the world's only non-fading or discoloration of the metal is pure gold! While the price of pure gold is not Fiji.** / Designer and brand profile / Ying 羱 is a favorite jade and crystal material of ordinary people, opponents jewelry has a tendency to infatuated. For more information on Ying, please visit Google or Facebook as a keyword. / Origin / manufacturing method / DESIGN & PRODUCT OF TAIWAN; MADE IN BURMA & CHINA & CRZECH & TAIWAN & the USA


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