[Luxury Blank Envelope 16.5x16.5cm/20.3x14cm] Comes with a sticker wedding invitation invitation card

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A perfect wedding invitation/wedding card must of course be matched with a beautiful and textured envelope~ Dora Li's paintings provide a variety of colors and bronzing LOGO to choose from, and also comes with a sealing sticker to greatly increase your wedding invitations!



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[Luxury Blank Envelope 16.5x16.5cm/20.3x14cm] Comes with a sticker wedding invitation invitation card


(Before purchasing, please pay attention to Dora Li's paintings and will give you a coupon! Give a review and give you a coupon~) *Please read the product page carefully before ordering. If there is any confusion caused by your own cognitive differences, the design hall will not be responsible; please avoid emotional words to avoid legal effects. *The studio is operated on a small scale, and the revenue has not yet reached the business registration standard, so there is no overall compilation and invoice. Please pay attention to ordering :) 【 Ways to purchase】 Basic order quantity: 200 pieces (the price of this store has been set to 200 pieces, just press 1 for the purchase quantity) *If you want to order a scattered quantity of 200 or more, for example: 210/250/320..., you can tell the designer to open another store! 【Envelope size】 1.16.5X16.5 cm 2.20.3X14 cm 3.23X11.5 cm ( https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1Pamiq70?category=3 ) 4.16X11.5 cm ( https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1Pamiq70?category=3 ) [Color] Please provide the color number 01. Cotton silk rose red https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397848-1681300074_n.jpg 02. Crystal bright white gold dots hi brilliant red https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397847-4032306972_n.jpg 03.Diamond pattern pink https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492507751-2485617993_n.jpg 04. Twill weave Barbie powder https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492507751-2116675157_n.jpg 05. Bright Vibrant Orange https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397850-4034716584_n.jpg 06.Twill weave pink purple https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397852-2480661200_n.jpg 07. Crystal bright cherry red https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397857-1326684666_n.jpg 08. Bright Violet https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397857-3981011323_n.jpg 09. Diamond pattern lavender purple https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397854-3198342074_n.jpg 10. Diamond pattern light purple https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492507750-3048093895_n.jpg 11.Lenny Peacock Blue https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397856-4092198017_n.jpg 12. Oblique weave lake blue https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397857-3100595376_n.jpg 13. Crystal Bright Emperor Fanny Blue https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397856-449531805_n.jpg 14. Diagonal woven bronze gold https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397860-658314233_n.jpg 15.Twill weave coffee gold https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397860-784997863_n.jpg 16. Crystal Cocoa Gold https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397861-4243103303_n.jpg 17. Sparkling gold champagne https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397860-4006944576_n.jpg 18. Oblique woven seal golden https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397861-1958304120_n.jpg 19. Crystal bright golden https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397861-2709111285_n.jpg 20. Crystal bright beige https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492507750-2415154202_n.jpg 21. Crystal bright white https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397839-359479087_n.jpg 22. Crystal bright light gray https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492507750-2316505925_n.jpg 23. Bright silver https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492507750-465465127_n.jpg 24. Crystal bright starry sky black https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1492397841-1155452433_n.jpg 【Material】 Pearlescent golden papyrus 120 lb [Please choose the enclosed sticker] We provide free silver/gold foil two stickers for you to choose 【Purchase process】 1. Press the "Buy Now" button 2. Contact Dora and provide the above information. *Envelope color number *Choose the attached sticker (gold or silver foil) 【Precautions】 1. The color of the same picture on different screens will be different, and the color difference of the computer screen cannot be used as a reason for return or exchange. 2. Receiving the old and the new: If the stock envelopes are almost sold out, the newly produced envelopes will have a slight color difference (±5%). There will be two color difference envelopes in a single batch, and no return or exchange is accepted.


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