Handmade plant Rou leather car key cases key single dream Pao made by Dreamkaban

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Handmade plant Rou leather car key cases key single dream Pao made by Dreamkaban


https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3820/20066385359_3d554ba884_b.jpg - - - Hand made temperature - - - The persistent dream of the perfect system, whether 鞄 is making, cutting skin, burrows, sewing, milling ... are clearly visible on, we look forward to make plant 韖 leather cowhide accompany you with live, grow ..., Leather will be with the sun, sweat, usage, time change has become a personal unique characteristics, flavor, witness you my life story. - - - Automotive Key Holder - - - Has been to design a car key cases think for a long time The one looking for a long time before looking for hardware like And secondly, with the market's key case all you want is not the same Three to have a sense of design - Tried a lot of styles For example, you want to double open because we also want to serve the guests left-handed For example sliding because you want to have a pleasure to use In fact, the new design will encounter many difficulties Others do not like to keep the style To test the thickness of the skin Hardware Snap button to take part to how or Cikou? Or another magnet? In fact, a test of our wisdom and patience Fortunately, after repeated failures In order to have finished like - - - Customization - - - English name can be printed on exclusive print plus shopping area: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1NPMvz0U?category=8 Word Count: six letters or less - - - Size - - - Length: 10.5 cm Width: 5.5 cm Thickness: 2.5 cm (Handmade works will be slightly error) We are the key to making Volkswagen Volkswagen key dimensions: length 7.5 cm wide and 3.5 cm thick 2 cm Different types of vehicles are the key size can be customized, welcomed the inquiry letter - - - Material - - - American plant Rou leather. Natural leather surface will leave scars, wrinkles, blood vessels, the pores of these come from cattle most natural imprint imprint on leather, lines showing the flavor of nature, showing a sense of unique leather skin. Leather will be with the sun, sweat, usage, time constantly changing, becoming personal unique characteristics, flavor, accompanied by the owner to grow together. - - - Use and maintenance methods - - - Usually wipe with a dry cloth, wipe depending on usage and maintenance of oil, oil of rich leather, thereby also make tiny scratches less noticeable. ※ This product is hand-set products, it is not applicable specifications appreciation of seven days, please pay attention before buying.


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