tea leather envelope square bag portable small bag

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Te Leather
Te Leather
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tea leather envelope square bag portable small bag


A small bag for girls, it is indispensable...   When I say big or not, I mean small and not small. It is an envelope bag that can hold small things with you. The hemp lace straps make me look like a little country girl, so fresh and so fresh. Material: cow leather Suture: Japanese Linen Inner: no inner Inner layer: no interlayer Strap: about 106 cm long (including hook) Size: about 23 × about 18 × about 6 (outside size / cm) 🌟 Customized Notes 🌟 First-time order buyers, Please remember to read "Te Leather Tea Leather Smile Customization Rules"! ! Can accept and then place an order to buy custom. Thanks thanks! ! If you have any questions about the content, you can ask us. ⬇️ Te Leather Tea Leather Smile Custom Code⬇️ ☆ During the ordering and purchasing process, if you have any questions, please send a private message 👉 Pinkoi / Shopee Chat / Chapi FB fan page / IG message. ☆ Handmade products will not accept bargaining. ☆ After good communication before ordering, the orderer will be asked to complete the payment first, After the customized product is completed, it will be photographed first for the orderer to check it before sending it out. Returns or refunds are not accepted for any reason. ☆ Tea leather products are all hand-sewn, so the number of working days depends on the size and difficulty of the items. Please wait patiently for your customized products to be born. ☆Repair scope description: The parts that can be repaired are the button hardware and sutures, etc., other than the wear, scratches and dyeing after personal use, touch or wipe with alcohol and other conditions cannot be repaired. ☆ During the growth process of animals, it is inevitable that there will be some signs of growth, such as falls and injuries, mosquito bites, vaccinations, or the owner's branding... and other factors, leaving traces on its skin, which is a big Imprint of nature. It also includes that the leather has different textures in different parts of the body. It is inevitable that there will be such scars and traces on leather products, which are unique to real leather. Friends who cannot accept it, please do not order it. ☆ Each piece of leather will be different in color due to the growth experience of the animal, the place of origin, and the variety, so there will be differences in color, and there will also be color differences in the photographed works. Friends who cannot accept the above conditions, please do not buy customized. ☆ Most of the colored leathers of the tea skin are hand-dyed by the tea skin, Therefore, the color of each dyeing cannot be exactly the same, but it will be a similar color tone and the color that the tea skin is satisfied with :) But this is also a unique and charming place for hand dyeing. This part of the customizer can accept the customization~ ☆☆Dharma series - hand-painting and coloring: The gold-painting and coloring of the body of the Dharma series is hand-painted one by one, and it will have some hand-painted hand-painted feeling. Customizers who can accept this taste are lettering Yo. ☆After daily use, it is normal for the gold to drop a little! Still see the gold. ☆ Regarding hand-engraving, it is hand-engraved on the leather one word at a time. It has a somewhat hand-engraved hand-engraving feel, and it cannot be neat and tidy to look like a machine engraving. Customizers who can accept this taste are engraving. ☆⚠️⚠️Do not use any ⚠️ alcohol, bleach, detergent, solvent, brightener, Wax containing chemical ingredients to wipe, the above products will harden and fade the leather surface and quickly shorten the life of the leather. ☆In daily use of leather, if the leather touches oil stains/grease and other substances, it will leave deep traces, and it cannot be restored to its original appearance. Therefore, please use the leather surface to avoid oil stains/oiliness, etc. in daily use! ! ☆Daily touch of water: There is no need to worry about daily touch of water with rain or wet hands. Water marks are normal traces of daily use. Under the natural changes of the leather through use, the leather will gradually become darker, and the water marks and the use marks will turn into a beautiful leather color. ☆ Practice plastic reduction shopping: The anti-collision packaging materials sent by parcels and tea skins should be recycled as much as possible♻️Save resources and be environmentally friendly. ✨ Customized packaging supplies, use brand new products✨ Thank you for your support ⚠️During Epidemic Prevention⚠️ ☆☆Do not use any chemical-containing alcohol, bleach, detergent, solvent, brightener, Wax to wipe, the above products will harden and fade the leather surface and quickly shorten the life of the leather.


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There are many leather colors to choose and customize, you can private message to discuss customization! !


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