Magnetic hexagonal plate today JICON


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  • Traditional oriental appearance may also have Western-style usage
    East meets West geometric plate series

    In "Arita" unique traditional craft specialties - detail shaped base plate is made of a fusion of Eastern and Western culture since ancient heritage craft. The details of the ownership of oriental charm, while also showing the West atmosphere soft white magnetic change type disc of the 18th and 19th centuries, and re-interpretation of a series of neo-classical water chestnut dish.

    General Arita green white, is not perfect, dazzling white, but white, white glaze pottery real stone. Porcelain is true, JICON want to make sense of the objects themselves can feel the material and showing "the true nature of white." The idea that you want to truly feel from the frank, no lie life, so JICON in order to create "a sense of life have material" that adjust the material sense porcelain reassess magnetic soil and glaze, and then create with skin Interactive appliances.

    This series of plate, whether dressed, bulk sashimi, Chinese and Western creative cuisine, European cuisine Wobble, or to friends who surrounded the party food, can play its best role in your every exquisite dishes.

    / Brand /
    Magnetic today -JICON Dodge designers will typically set up by porcelain brand. JICON interpreted as a Buddhist term - "Seoul today" (live in the present meaning), also contains a double meaning "now" developed porcelain of, and the creation of 350 years of Tao Yue Kiln "Imamura Home" created by the "porcelain meaning "of.

    Imamura family Sasebo in Japan, three in Sichuan. Kobe began to level pottery kiln fan of Queen, when 12th generation to expand and move Arita kilns. To the thirteenth generation Imamura's second son Bo - Hajime Imamura, self-Tao Yue kiln. Imamura began operating from pottery since, with regard to JICON a producer.

    / Arita /
    Tri-River - Arita, ancient good use Amakusa porcelain stone (is widely used as ceramic raw materials) white magnetic research engineering methods, making daily life utensils used. Arita originated about 400 years ago, since Li Ping called from Korea to participate Arita, Arita they inherited from China or North Korea started developing techniques. Developed a unique era in the evolution of labor law, and began accepting orders for export overseas in Europe. Whether it is dedicated to a celebrity or royal family, senior products, or the common people use everyday, has a wide range of living props production. In that among the diverse nature and techniques of mastery, generated something unique fusion of beauty.
    Designer: Daiji the Code - interact with skin artifacts

    To be honest, no fraud, "there is a sense of material life" as the goal, JICON is produced showing the "white character." Generally, "Arita" firing mode, not fired at Pale "reduction firing" (calcination temperature of 1300 degrees made the way), but to be able to render a natural and soft white of "firing acidification" (firing temperature 1240 degrees) mode firing from.

    In addition to pottery, even porcelain, in order to be able to sense the original material stone or pottery glaze revealed, and daring to show (due to magnetic soil composition or glaze in iron) brown spots and comes with a sense of grit fine particles, the production process is almost not stirred glaze, is to the surface of the objects of fine particles can exhibit iron or residual feeling. Do not be the kind of bleached white, but to render the material itself is white. "Arita" ordinary glaze mixing time is over 20 hours, so as to fine particles of iron powder or finely ground, showing a smooth surface.

    Glaze using a straw ashes basement made of natural white glaze.
    Translucent texture, glaze manufactured to comply with the traditional method made the tender white into the nostalgic feel of antique porcelain.

    / Size /
    W270 X D270 X H25.5 mm

    / Material /
    White magnetic

    / Instructions /
    1. In accordance with the proper use of the product itself, making use
    2. Avoid using the electronic stove and microwave.
    3. Please note Zhongshuai or rapid temperature changes can cause cracking or damage.
    4. When the case is damaged, gap, crack appears, do not use.
    5. porcelain has easy conduction "hot" properties after the hot items to be taken into porcelain, pay special attention careful.

    / Origin /
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Magnetic hexagonal plate today JICON

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