New Year will eat the peace of mind - the original walnut date cake - kraft paper box loaded】 【simple studio


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    Because love to eat jujube mud cake, so I want to make healthy jujube mud, Inheritance of this year's festival indis
  • Healthy, it is necessary to insist
    Because love to eat jujube mud cake, so I want to make healthy jujube mud,
    Inheritance of the festive season indispensable traditional flavor,
    Also feel relieved to watch the kids eating one by one.
    After more than two years of research and development, looking for healthy and good ingredients,
    Remove commercially available products, unnecessary additives,
    Peace of mind is dedicated to you.

    ☆ use a hundred years of ancient malt
    Traditional maltose, in Chinese medicine that have a considerable effect. Ancient methods of production, wheat must be sprouted 7 days after the juicing, and then mix the wheat juice and steamed glutinous rice heated for 4 hours; finally filtered glutinous rice residue and heated to concentrate, you can get the ancient maltose. This method is mainly used to produce amylolytic enzymes in the process of wheat germination, breaking down the macromolecule starch into the smaller disaccharide, and reducing the sweetness to about 40% of the sucrose at the same time.
    Malt commonly used in confectionery and confectionery factories, also known as aquaculture, is the product of chemical hydrolysis of refined starches, usually tapioca. Shui Yi's production time is short, low cost, in addition to the lack of heat of other nutrients, in fact, is not directly related to malt.

    ☆ Ge hand-made gold powder
    Zaoni cake add starch, the main purpose is to help shape. The general pastry industry in order to save costs, the use of refined Taibai, which mixed a variety of refined starch, the proportion of different brands, it is difficult to determine the composition.
    We are using a small turf planted with hand-made Ge tulip. Geyujin, also known as powder potato, lotus root potato, is a kind of ginger family plants, tubers are rich in starchy, aboriginal as a staple food to replace the sweet potato, taro. Ge Yujin also because rich in nutrients, is an ancient health food, will be used to cook a cold, hoarseness, diarrhea people eat. In particular, it is more digestible starch, but also for children and patients with nutritional supplements. Geyujin was used as starch in the early years of raw materials, after beating, washing, sedimentation, exposure and other procedures made of cumbersome process, natural and precious.

    ☆ use high quality Zaoni stuffing
    Zadmor used in the general pastry industry will use preservatives, and even artificial flavors (jujube essence) to reduce costs. We specialize in jujube made of high quality jujube stuffing, a little sour, a little sweet, a little jujube aroma, there is no sulfide residue, restore the original flavor of jujube.

    Ingredients: jujube stuffing <malt, black date, red bean, jujube, sugar, trehalose, sweet potato powder, palm oil, soybean oil>, a century ancient Maltose <Germany wheat, Taitung glutinous rice> Seed oil, water, Taiwan Ge Tulip, Taiwan sea salt.

    Net weight: 175g ± 3%

    Shelf life: Please store in ventilated shade, unopened room temperature 25 ℃ can be stored for five months. After opening, please finish eating as soon as possible.

    Nutrition label: every 100 grams
    422 calories
    6.0 grams of protein
    Fat 23.5 grams
    Saturated fat 2.1 grams
    Trans fat 0 grams
    46.6 grams of carbohydrates
    Sugar 21.4 grams
    Sodium 108 mg

    Origin Taiwan
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New Year will eat the peace of mind - the original walnut date cake - kraft paper box loaded】 【simple studio

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