Sweden Blåtunga - Whisky on the rocks Whisky brick

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1 - 3 วัน
Sweden Blåtunga - Whisky on the rocks Whisky brick


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/ Product Description /
Brick can be kept frozen after cold cool
And will not dissolve and dilute the drink water
Taking into account not only environmentally friendly and highly practicality
Unlimited re-use is one of its advantages

The rugged beauty of the unique shape
Whisky from Sweden on the rocks
Let spirits clearer difficult to talk about a new choice

/ brand introduction/
About Blåtunga
Blåtunga is located in Sweden's second largest city, north of Gothenburg approximately Plata near a brick company. The company was founded in 1993, specializes in the production of gifts, stone tile flooring, furniture supplies and laying natural stone pavement, including wall decorations, stairs, fountains, garden lighting and garden design ⋯. In the exhibition space Blåtunga set in, often you can find for interior decoration or own garden design inspiration, Factory Direct mode so that both sides have good communication space, look for excellent cooperation.

Blåtunga has many years of experience in the technical team, product used is made on the Scandinavian Peninsula omnipresent granite boulders, these rocks are usually done directly on site cutting process, called the only high-quality granite raw material.

Blåtunga is a company located right next to the Göta river about several kilometers north of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. The company was founded in 1993 and manufactures gifts, stone floors and other decorative household articles and sells natural stone pavements, decorative stone walls, steps, fountains, garden lighting and much more to the garden. In Blåtunga showroom behind the white house customer can find inspiration for home or garden improvement or stroll though the factory outlet and find exciting things for both the inside and the outside.

All Blåtunga products are exclusively made of granite stones that are ubiquitous in Scandinavia. The stones are cut and processed on the site. The company has a committed team with many years' experience and only stock the highest quality of granite.


/ Size, specifications, size, weight /
Material: Granite
Size: each one about 2cm long 2cmX wide 2cmX high
Weight: about 20g each grain weight
Packaging: Kraft carton packaging about 2.5cm thick long 13.5cmX wide 8cmX
Quantity: a group of eight into
Origin: Sweden
※ This brick store only sold a group that does not contain the photo of the other swing jewelry.

/ clean/
Initial use, please put hot water and cook for 20-30 minutes to remove impurities
After cooling in the freezer for more than two hours can be used to freeze

/ maintenance/
To dry cleaning is completed

/ package/
Each set of brick factory Jie paper box packaging
See Product Brief

/ Important reminder /
Each one brick are all made of natural granite cutting directly
So each one has more or less irregular notched corners
This situation is not unique flaw but a natural rock texture
Each piece is unique
If you can not accept this situation also requested the discretion under a single

Sweden / Manufacturing


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