OSICHEF European hi kitchen apple soup pot (20cm)

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1 - 3 วัน
OSICHEF European hi kitchen apple soup pot (20cm)


Design Concept
Apple is the fruit of the Red Diamond, adorable and lovable, but also has a high nutritional value. European kitchen hi "Apple cookware set" with fruit Red Diamonds as a source of inspiration, shaping Apple-like arc pot lovely, lovely visual affinity, but also to convey "your diet nutrition" concept of life. Exquisite lovely apple surface modeling can accelerate internal heat convection, so tasty food more evenly; molded tempered glass lid with pot live glance, delicious served effortless.
Ease of use
Induction cooker, gas stove dual-use, fast and convenient oven cook does not pick.

Layer composite pot
1. Seiko forging panhandle, pot ears, handles, and pot body are precision welded joints, with the safety insulation, thoughtful design give you the most reassuring experience.
2. With a thickness of 2 mm triple steel materials, with the provincial gas, good thermal conductivity, and other characteristics, suitable for all kinds of stoves, outside layer 403 stainless steel plus aluminum sandwich in the middle of the pot with the top 304 stainless steel inner body, three the finished three-pot body, not only to the pot body more uniform heat conduction, but also through the surface density of the elevated temperatures of the expanding material to achieve physical non-stick pan function. Eliminating any coating, is the top pot material.

The physical nonstick cookware Cheats open to the public
1. Wipe excess moisture inside and outside the pot, and pour oil in a cold pan.
2. open the fire was slowly heated to about 120 seconds.
3. When the heat transfer in the red rose and felt hot, or the oil pan oil pattern into a small fire appeared and food pot.

Stainless steel cookware easy decontamination Mibao
1. Heat the pot while cleaning, degreasing scouring easily. Add a little dish soap to non-woven wipe clean, you can easily remove excess grease effortless. Do not continue to tap cold water to avoid the cooling pot warm but not easy to clean.
2. In order to avoid the pot due to fires in the fire stains, please before the fire away from the oil pan or the water completely dry, always remember not to "fire" heating (flame beyond the bottom of the pot is the fire)!
3. To avoid scratching the pot, cleaning available newspapers knead a ball of paper in place of scouring pads scrub, then rinse with water.
4. When the stainless steel pots and pans dry, it will produce a rainbow color pattern, the physical characteristics of which was stainless steel, harmless to human security in a neutral detergent with woven fabric or paper to wipe easily removed.
5. The stable nature of stainless steel products, will not turn yellow or black over time, but when the oil pan body was attached, heat dried That will produce a yellow or black dirt. In case of such cases please add hot pan with low heat, then wipe the wet removal of coarse fiber scouring pads.

Apple pan / pot / diameter 20cm height 10cm Capacity: 2.6L

This warranty does not include man-made, such as accidents, misuse, accident or damage caused by transportation.
This warranty does not cover collisions, failures and damage drop, dry and other circumstances caused.
This warranty does not include fire, earthquake faults and other damage caused by natural disasters.
More unforeseen circumstances cause damage to other parts of the lid or handle European hi kitchen provide you with repair or replacement service, subject to a fee.

Within seven days if the quality problem, please complete package with the purchase receipt with information, return the place of purchase or contact the distributor to replace the new products.

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