[Picnic food packed here] Kangovou small kangaroo stainless steel safe separation plate - cream orange

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::Advanced food grade stainless steel + non-toxic macaron shell + lock seal top cover = picnic good things::



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[Picnic food packed here] Kangovou small kangaroo stainless steel safe separation plate - cream orange


::Advanced food grade stainless steel + non-toxic macaron shell + lock seal top cover = picnic good things:: Hard mothers must clearly understand the amount of food each baby has for each meal! The separate tray helps the mother to record the baby's food intake. After learning how to eat, the baby likes to imitate the diet of adults. He also likes to choose dishes for three meals. Let the baby eat more fun and balance the diet. Safe and non-toxic 304 stainless steel makes the baby free from the threat of chemical toxins. High temperature resistance is not afraid of toxic substances released, eat into the baby's belly. https://static.wix.com/media/f9837d_090373bbb151aec6f683fba0153ee003.jpg Kangovou stainless steel safe plate does not contain phenolic methane (BPA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Lead, Melamine and Phthalates, Non-toxic persistence, let Mommy feel at ease, and the baby grows up healthily. https://static.wix.com/media/f9837d_3e25d559d1e8e0e8953cd9fba0f84422.jpg Size: 26 cm x 19 cm x 4.5 cm • Stainless steel bowl can be easily taken from the plastic case, easy to use and clean • The plate uses a seductive top cover, which is easy to open and easy to carry, easy to carry and hygienic • Transparent cover - use the original color without adding pigmented plastic, not only to make the food clear at a glance, but also to ensure the safety and health of the baby when eating https://static.wix.com/media/f9837d_6ba0e68bb918778adf63914821aafc10.jpg **/ Material /** • Built-in stainless steel plate - Use 18/8 (304) stainless steel with a manganese content of 2% or less - Non-toxic, safe and secure food - Durable and not easy to break, save your money - corrosion and rust resistance • outer plastic shell - No. 5 PP - Keep the hot and cold temperature of the drink - Protect small hands from touching cold or hot liquid - High temperature resistance (120 degrees Celsius) **/ Cleaning method /** [stainless steel part] - general detergent can be -Food grade stainless steel available for high temperature sterilization - It is recommended to clean the sponge cloth for tableware. [Plastic case part] - general detergent can be - If disinfection is required, high temperature is not recommended. Use alcohol to wipe and rinse with water. https://static.wix.com/media/f9837d_28a00c611c44ed293139725e67175d53.jpg **/ Brand Story /** The story begins with two mothers who have five children together. Pretty Govindji, the mother of three boys, originally engaged in human resources work, like every mother, most of the mind is placed on the child, and then at home Care for children. One day, she saw TV reports that the chemicals on the tableware were harmful to the human body. He was frightened by the poisons that the children might touch, and began to study the chemical fields that she was completely unfamiliar with, and experimented with all the children's tableware in the world. Finally, after many years of research, she met her friend, Theresa Brennan, who is worried about children's tableware. She is a professional mother with twin daughters and 18 years of biochemical research. The two of them hit it off and concentrate on investing. The child ate a tableware that would not have toxins and doubts, and at the same time had a cute, beloved design. These two American mothers who love children can hope to bring a little more health to the children who are now living in environmental pollution. Just like the kangaroo mother, they protect the little ones in the bag and want them to be healthy and happy! https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4854/32399981108_170b79ecb7_o.png **Origin / manufacturing methods** American design made in Korea


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