Micro Forest--Japan imported natural honey wax cream leather products with 10g TN leather care

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The micro-forest comes from a Japanese agent, and a natural-naturally blended beeswax cream is specially used for leathe



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Micro Forest--Japan imported natural honey wax cream leather products with 10g TN leather care


In order to reward yourself, I bought a leather product that I have paid attention to for a long time, because I am very happy. I want to spend a lot of time with my leather products, but the leather is very detailed, total It is very worried that there will be cracks, oil or water stains, in order to prevent these from happening. So it will be treated with cream or leather oil, but most leather oils contain Irritating chemicals such as organic solvents and emulsifiers, for these reasons, Unsatisfactory oiling maintenance... In order to solve this trouble, the tail mountain material uses pure natural materials as leather. The ingredients of the beeswax cream. The raw material is the beeswax made in Japan, the dish of Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Seed oil and oyster sauce are made. Leather products such as calfskin high heels, leather shoes, purses, wallets, and leather gloves are available. Use, no hand injury and no pungent taste, let you care for your favorite leather products When you can invest more love. [The shoes on the left hand side of Figure 3 are the appearance of the maintenance before the leather beeswax cream, right hand side The shoes are made after the maintenance of the leather beeswax cream] [The shoes in Figure 4 show the situation of rain-proof water in the rain] 【**Leather Products Natural Honey Wax Cream 10g**】 Applicable to: Leather products such as calfskin high heels, leather shoes, purses, wallets, and leather gloves product features: . The rapeseed oil produced in Toyama Prefecture has very good permeability and retains the permeability of leather. . No obvious oiling after maintenance, but it is full of water-repellent. Instructions: According to the type and state of the shoes, basically 10g of capacity can be used up to eight pairs. about. ※After the initial maintenance, the condition of the leather products shall prevail, approximately one month to three months. Can be used for a second maintenance. If the painted part is thinned or peeled off, it is anti-splashing. When the water is weak, it needs to be maintained again. 1. Wipe the surface of the leather product before use. 2. In the case of severe soiling, use a detergent or the like to remove the surface after it has been dirty. 3. It must be thoroughly dried before applying the special beeswax cream for leather products. ※When it is treated with a beeswax cream in the state of mold that is invisible to the naked eye, it may be Causes the proliferation of mold, so please wash thoroughly with beeswax cream. 4. Use a dry cloth or directly apply a beeswax cream to your fingers and gently apply them to leather. On the product ※Please take a small amount of use first, if a large amount of leather products will be caused by a beeswax cream The surface of the leather becomes white and sticky to the touch. If this happens, please use a dry cloth. Grind until absorbed. 5. Wait for 30 minutes to wait for leather products to absorb 6. Wipe with a dry cloth to complete the maintenance. "Leather products natural honey wax cream small classroom" Q1. What other things do I need to prepare before using the beeswax cream? A: Please use a clean cotton cloth and a hard sponge to easily maintain and complete the maintenance. Wash your hands with soap after the procedure Q2. How much usage is needed at one time? A: The capacity of 10g can be used to wipe eight pairs of shoes. Q3. How long is the validity period? A: Please use as much as possible within two years after opening the can. Q4. Will the leather products stick to the leather after the beeswax cream? A: In the case of thick coating, if it is not wiped with a dry cloth, it will be sticky and slippery. After being applied for 30 minutes and then thoroughly wiped with a dry cloth, there will be no sticky slip. Slip occurs. Q5. What is the durability after maintenance? Because it is made of natural materials, it is easier to fall off than the normal maintenance oil. But it is also better absorbed. If the coating part is thinned or peeled off, the water repellency When you get weak, you need to maintain it again. Q6. Where is the honey wax cream stored? A: Please keep it in a cool place (avoid where it is stored in direct sunlight and too much humidity) Please use it within two years after opening.


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