VPEP men's casual running shoes / wine red and black with / limited edition out of print, good quality

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Burdock 'gradual cushioning insole' three-dimensional foot molded insole



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VPEP men's casual running shoes / wine red and black with / limited edition out of print, good quality


/ Product Description / Applying natural soft leather combined with the technology of running shoes, it is no longer the thinking of old casual shoes and running shoes. Bold blocks use color, strong lines conflict with existing impressions, and truly unified modern beauty I want you to show yourself, wear different, a pair of casual jogging shoes worthy of your own https://vpep.com.tw/image/r001/r001-06e.jpg https://vpep.com.tw/image/r001/r001-06d.jpg Exclusive design patent for serrated sole, patent number: D158888) The sole has a progressive cushioning effect and is smoothly attached to the ground. Elastic shock absorbers are built into the sole to reduce long-term impact damage The bottom is fitted with wear-resistant rubber for excellent grip and wear resistance The upper is made of natural cowhide, which is good in texture, breathable and durable. The structure of the footwear structure is smooth and easy to put on and off. The insole is pressed in a 3D mold according to the curve of the sole of the foot, effectively balancing the weight of the supporting sole The shoes are lightweight and the insole is made of soft and elastic EVA material. It can be easily worn for a long time. It is suitable for running, walking, long-distance travel, leisure travel, work, etc. It will be the best choice on your feet. https://vpep.com.tw/image/featur/featur-f1.jpg / Dimensions/ https://img.pcstore.com.tw/~prod/M16878976/_sE_7925363436.jpg?pimg=static&P=1397897647 The length of the sole: the length from the foremost end of the toe to the end of the heel (note the difference between the length of standing and sitting and measuring) Stand up, the length is recommended to add 5mm = shoe purchase mm size Sitting on the ground with the sole of the foot, the length is recommended to add 10mm = the size of the shoe to buy the mm size Sitting on the soles of the feet, the length is recommended to add 15mm = the size of the shoes to buy the mm size If you prefer a loose person or a wide foot circumference, add 5mm-10mm after lengthening according to the above suggestions. If the feet are too wide, this shoe-shoe-like structure is not suitable for you. Because the loose taste of each person's shoes is different, you can also wear the size of the sneakers that you wear. If you have a lot of space at the front end of your sneakers, consider reducing the size by 5mm. / Material / Main material of the face: cowhide, lycra Bottom material: molded elastic EVA, wear-resistant rubber Each shoe of VPEP comes from the designer's meticulous creation. With the skillful craftsmanship, every curve is exquisite and every structure is demanding, so that each shoe shows natural foot shape and light body. Each shoe has been tried by many people, and it is constantly being listened to and improved until it is perfected. Because of the enthusiasm, VPEP can insist on making the best, just to touch each foot of the VPEP shoes. Taiwan produces good products Super demand for comfort, it is worth experiencing


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