[Custom wedding card / marriage card] watercolor hand-painted design - postcards / card models

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Want a unique wedding vision? Find Dora Li design wedding card on the right!



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[Custom wedding card / marriage card] watercolor hand-painted design - postcards / card models


/ Product Description and Story / The camera can take the picture you want Brushes can be drawn into the world you imagine You say you think of France wedding, Brushes let you wear a wedding dress to the Eiffel Tower You say you want to fly in the sky, Brush to help you add wings Dora draws your words with a brush Postcard paragraph https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1465368079-460211237_n.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1410925415-1257301311_n.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1432190050-2665814643_n.jpg Card section https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1462170654-4132625367_n.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1413784634-161643180_n.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1453950778-1381190851_n.jpg 【Size】 postcards 13X19cm / card section open 18X24.8cm 【Printing Fee】 (Quantity / Size / Paper to estimate) Please provide the quantity 2. Designers choose the right paper 3. Choose postcards / card models 4. Envelope size 14X20.3 cm 5. Designers will be in accordance with the above your needs and offer an additional opening to you 【design content】 1. Up to two characters (two or two animals) + background Watercolor 3. To cover the main visual, along the main visual arrangement of other objects page. 4. Design fee does not include printing (another quote) 5. If you need additional ribbons or other handmade products and other quotes 6. watercolor design production methods: * Black and white line draft according to the design after the case can be modified 3 times * Black and white lineart to determine the color (color rendering watercolor, hand-painted sense of the main, can not be like Computer drawing as saturated, uniform color) * Finished color finishing. (Because watercolor is not like computer graphics easy to change color to discuss the completion of the color of the color! So if you want a fixed color, for example, pink dress want, suit to brown, this must first explain! 【be prepared】 1} After the order please provide photos 2-3 (resolution is clear, the best identification of the best profile) 2} Short description The picture you want (abstractly), up to two characters (two or two animals) + background Production process 1. Press the "I want to order" button 2. Contact designer (the above prepared information sent to the designer through this step) 3. Remittance within three days after the next payment, Dora confirm the remittance 7-10 working days, such as order busy according to the situation to inform the delivery time. 【Usage】 Card 2. wedding invitation 【Precautions】 1. After receiving the payment order, the designer will contact you and inform the design schedule. 2. Please double-check before ordering to Dora custom content Oh! After the order does not accept the change needs. 3. If portrait content, how many and photos have some error, will not accept the return, can accept this style and then orders. 5. Printing process, due to different paper and printing process, there will be a color difference of positive, negative 20%. 6. The same picture on different screens, there will be different color rendering, I am unable to computer screen color to require the same color printing. 7. The same file set the same color values, once the selected paper is not the same, due to the different fibers affect the color after printing, it can not be used as a reason for return. 8. This illustration is for "wedding" use, please do not have commercial use. 10. After the completion of the design delivery of files (PSD file).


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