Classic cute little round flower phone shell

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Classic cute little round flower phone shell


marine NAVY collection Classic cute little round flower phone shell Support iPhone6 / 6plus + / i5 / I5s / note3 / note4 Mobile phone work days for 7-14 days without holidays If the spot goods for 1-2 days to send Work days to 1 day after receipt of the order The number of spot due to the number of models for reference only. If you have to go abroad / urgent use / gifts need to ask the spot. Special attention. The goods are printed without gold foil! RICHÉ has a major brand model available iPhone / samsung / htc / Sony / LG / mi If your phone model is not in the original order model Please ask us to have someone to help you Exclusive to take precision pattern All-inclusive printing / side pattern perfect cover is not blank Matte texture hard shell, left and right side are pattern cover. Material: matte hard shell / matte soft shell / bright shell can be optional One piece of forming a sense of texture is easy to disassembly, the side of the perfect appearance of the pattern, Each angle is perfect Perfect 100%. Texture upgrade + fine upgrade + smoothly upgrade +. ★ Note. All the merchandise patterns are made of advanced precision printing without any three-dimensional metal ★ anti-dirty recommendations: if the hand sweat. Dirty. Grease stained mobile phone shell recommended please choose bright hard shell / dark pattern NEW upgrade + 7/7 + matte soft shell evolution update notice We find the most suitable Of course full update! ❶ texture plus points / ❷ no white circle / ❸ super good disassembly From now on are new versions A little small heart, Make life feel better. Hard shell material description ① material fog surface bright face optional. Glossy glossy / matte smooth feeling ② around the cover. ③ full integrity of the pattern covered a perfect 100% ④ material using texture hard shell material / thickness 0.1cm Soft shell material Description: ① material matte optional. Matte smooth ② up and down around the whole package. ③ full integrity of the pattern covered a perfect 100% ④ material using high-grade TPU material / thickness of about 0.2cm ▦ soft shells the same place: Both phone cases have the function of protecting the phone case The use of matte / bright package design smooth feeling full Perfectly covered pattern 100% ▦ soft shell plus points: Using the exclusive and manufacturers of soft material design Material soft Q can be up and down about the package package the whole cell phone Inside the front is about 0.4cm in the pattern of package edge protection Fog coating material handling is not easy to master phonecase texture How to pick soft and hard shells All phone models Soft shell example all phone-case texture Mark the pink little bit for the soft shell material If you like the overall coating, please choose the matte soft shell. Pattern all-inclusive soft and hard shells are due to the thickness of the artificial hole around the hole There will be about 0.05 ~ 0.1cm border is a normal commodity ^ ^ Please put the phone after no problem Hello! Hard shell lens openings are about 0.05 ~ 0.1cm white border iphone series lens openings for the general public version of the size of the openings are exposed to the original white line on the phone Note the whole machine coating and general glass paste please choose soft shell. If the full version of thick glass paste and back paste caused by the phone is too thick is not applicable The soft shell itself is TPU material in order to provide the best goods for the new production Received open about 1-2 days when the taste will be dispersed please rest assured :) If there is a girl who can use perfume can be sprayed in the air phone shell will be fragrant! RICHÉ phone case small classroom Hello ★ how to choose how to pick soft shell! ❶ bare metal + protective cover Bare metal + non-full version of the glass paste ▶ recommended matte. Bright surface shell / matte soft shell / transparent soft shell Bare metal + full version of the glass paste ▶ recommended matte hard shell / bright hard shell / transparent soft shell Bare metal + thick version of the glass paste ▶ recommended matte hard shell / bright case / transparent soft shell Bare machine + back stick or any situation that makes the phone thicker ▶ Not applicable Pure bare machine ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / glossy shell / matte soft shell ❷ Whole Machine Coating + Protector Full machine coating + non-full version of the glass paste ▶ Recommended matte soft shell Full machine cover + full version of glass paste ▶ Not applicable Full machine coating + thick glass paste ▶ Not applicable Full machine wrap + back stick or any situation that makes the phone thicker ▶ Not applicable Pure machine package ▶ recommended matte soft shell Above for the market with the whole machine and the use of the situation to recommend the selection The general market itself is the mobile phone shell "bare metal size" down production So if the phone itself to increase too much so that the size of mobile phones caused by changes in size It is difficult to pick their favorite phone shell! I still want to buy soft shell / simple measurement method: There are hundreds of protective labels on the market. Glass paste size is different Suggest that you want to buy a soft shell You can measure how much distance your glass stickers are from the edge of the phone If there is more than 0.2 ~ 0.3cm distance can use matte soft shell Due to the matte soft shell wrapped around the width of 0.2-0.3cm If the distance is less than 0.2 ~ 0.3cm distance It will form a mobile phone shell will come to the glass paste Which caused the phone can not cover the phone and do not install the situation Oh! [Girls' common Q & A] You / you are not there the following troubled? Hope to help you / you! Q: I really want to buy RICHÉ phone shell, but what kind of? A: pattern all-inclusive fog face hard shell / bright surface shell / matte soft shell. The background is transparent with crystal clear soft shell. Q: What is the difference between a hard shell and a soft shell? A: hard shell for the left and right cover, material harder fit Soft shell for the upper and lower left and right coated front side of the package, material cover large Q: What is the difference between matte and shiny? A: matte texture smooth smooth fog film sense of color uniform Bright glossy glossy bright light color Q: What does the pattern all-inclusive? A: The front and the left and right sides are 100% full of the cover Q: What is my cell phone, suitable for what? A: The phone has a capsule recommended the use of soft shell style does not apply hard shell. Q: I want to cover the phone around the fear of throwing, there are suggestions? A: Recommended to buy matte soft shell / crystal transparent soft shell Q: Which kind of mobile phone case is more resistant to dirt? A: to matte and bright contrast more dirty: bright surface> matte To dark pattern and light-colored pattern more resistant to dirty: dark> light * Overseas purchase of goods due to high postage can not return the goods also please note Origin / manufacturing method made in Taiwan


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