Titanium Love Earth Series - Made in Japan Pure Titanium Straw 2 - (Guiqi Purple + Deep Sea Blue) + Original Handle Straw Brush

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Titanium Love Earth Series - Made in Japan Pure Titanium Straw 2 - (Guiqi Purple + Deep Sea Blue) + Original Handle Stra



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Titanium Love Earth Series - Made in Japan Pure Titanium Straw 2 - (Guiqi Purple + Deep Sea Blue) + Original Handle Straw Brush



**/brand introduction/**
Since the establishment of the Japanese HORI company in 1985, it has been researching the development results of titanium metal for 20 consecutive years, successfully making the titanium metal color bright colors, and presenting it on the titanium love earth series products. The full range of products are manufactured and designed in Japan.

Pure titanium metal has photocatalytic effect, anti-allergic, no rust, environmental ECO, light weight, strong and so on. Most of these high-tech products are used in medical supplies (such as implants, artificial joints) and space aerospace products.

Pure titanium metal is light in weight, high in hardness and strong in nature. It has excellent properties without rust and does not contain nickel metal without the characteristics of allergens. With photocatalytic sterilization effect, pure titanium metal can perform photocatalytic action under illumination, and exerts sterilization function.

Titanium has such excellent properties, and on the contrary, it is also very difficult to process. And titanium products in general
It also makes it difficult to show the artistic difficulty and the stereotype of beauty, but under the efforts of Japan’s HORIE,
With the industry's first high-level processing technology, technology and life crafts are given together, and Titanium loves the earth series products
Your understanding of titanium products.

This product is pure titanium ECO environmentally friendly straw 2 into + 1 straw handle brush 1

*****Pure titanium straw*****
1 straw specification:
Full length approximately 192 mm
Approximately 6 mm in diameter
Weighs about 3.5g
Material: pure titanium metal
Place of Origin: Japan

Japanese made pure titanium straw - all 6 kinds

‧Use it with a non-abrasive neutral detergent and sponge after use. The inside of the straw can be cleaned with a small brush.
Wipe with a soft cloth, dry and store.
‧Do not use a fine fiber cleaning brush, a melon cloth or a steel brush to clean the product during cleaning to avoid scratching the product.
‧This product has a photocatalytic effect. After cleaning, it is recommended to store it in a place with light.
‧ Do not drop, this product will be damaged by friction or rubbing.
‧ When using in hot food drinks, be careful of burns.
‧ After use, please quickly clean the tableware with food to avoid stubborn residue.
‧Please do not use this product for purposes other than dining.
‧ Do not allow young children to use alone to avoid accidents.
‧Please note that the cutlery is not available for young children.
‧This item cannot be placed in a microwave or oven.

*****Original handle straw brush*****
Straw brush specifications:
The total length is about 225mm, the length of the handle is 60mm, and the length of the brush is 35mm.
Length: 130mm, the diameter of the bristles is about 5mm
Weighs about 8g
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Grip material: wooden handle
Wool: wool
Wire: 18-8 stainless steel wire

‧ Do not use the child alone, and accept that the child cannot get it to avoid accidents.
‧ Do not use acid and alkaline cleaners for cleaning.
‧This product should not be used for other purposes than cleaning the straw.
‧ Do not disassemble this product yourself.
‧Please clean the straw handle brush quickly after use and store it in the dry storage.
‧Please place in a cool place to avoid direct exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
‧Please use the Titanium Love Earth series pure titanium straw (specific for diameter 6mm).
‧Please do not use high temperature drying to avoid damage to the bristles and log handles.
‧This item cannot be used in a microwave or oven.


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