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Mobile Phone Case | Handmade Leather Goods | Customized Gifts | Vegetable Tanned Leather-Hand Pull Mobile Phone Case


【Small version】 Maximum capacity: height 14, width 7, thickness 1.2 (cm) Applicable models: iPhone12 mini [medium version] Maximum capacity: height 16, width 8, thickness 1.2 (cm) Applicable models: iPhone12/pro 【Large version】 Maximum capacity: height 17, width 9.5, thickness 1.2 (cm) Applicable models: iPhone12 pro max ※Measurement please include the size of the phone case※ Hand pull type mobile phone case-the buckle on the mobile phone bag is not only a buckle, but also has a mechanism design inside. Pull the buckle to pull the mobile phone out of the mobile phone bag. Hand-held mobile phone case-the front and back of the mobile phone case are designed with a card slot function, which can be put into the Easy Card or credit card, which is convenient for induction payment. Hand-held mobile phone case-provides the function of holding the wrist strap, which is convenient for going out. 🌞Material description -------------------- This product is made of vegetable tanned cow leather. The texture of vegetable tanned cow leather is relatively stiff and tough. In the early days when plastic products were not developed in Taiwan, many products used vegetable tanned cow leather. For example: the early needle car drives the operation Belts for bicycles, leather seat cushions for bicycles, rural supplies, military supplies, etc. Vegetable tanned cow leather has a characteristic. The color of the leather will change due to the vegetable tannins in the leather and the relationship between exposure to air or sunlight, and the surface color of vegetable tanned cow leather will gradually deepen. In addition, the user's hands contain sebum, and daily friction will produce a shiny and aging effect. Leather products made of vegetable tanned cow leather can produce unique changes over time and user habits. We believe that these changes , is the exclusive time witness for the user and the leather object, which is why many lovers of handmade leather goods like vegetable tanned cow leather. The leather market does not raise cattle because of the need for leather, but mainly to supply meat for human consumption or produce dairy products. Leather is only an auxiliary product of animal husbandry, so the breeder does not pay special attention to protecting the skin of the cow. Therefore, during the feeding process, cattle may suffer from insect bites, scratches, and stab wounds. If they are grazing cattle, they will also have branded scars. Only in the process of growing up will there be growth lines and wrinkles. If you encounter Cows have dystocia, and there will also be traces of sutures after caesarean section. When the cow is big enough to kill the cow for the meat, there will also be knife wounds caused by skinning. When the cowhide is made into cowhide, these marks will be faithfully presented on the leather to prove the life of the cow's growth. , so if you see these marks on leather goods, don't doubt it, this is 100% real leather, no additives (surface finishing) Many Taiwanese leather goods brands do not like to use vegetable tanned cowhide with natural texture. Most of them will ask the processing factory to scrub the leather surface and then spray the surface. The leather surface will be clean, but it will lose the natural taste. For DOZI leather handmade, these natural traces belonging to cows, unless the area is too large, will not be specially avoided in production. After the user has used it for a long time, when the leather surface becomes darker and oily, these traces plus traces of use will be reversed. Achievement of the unique characteristics of this leather. 🌞Color selection -------------------- This is a photo of the actual leather material. The color may vary with the shooting light and screen display. In order to avoid the difference in perception, you can ask for a free leather sample for confirmation if you need it. 🌞Value-added services -------------------- 1. Add "ordered product" to the shopping cart (do not checkout) 2. Additional "value-added service fee" will be charged according to the service In the same shopping cart, select the link below to place an order together ▶English stamping ▴For uppercase English letters and numbers ▴The font height is about 6mm ▴Only provide within 10 letters, there is a fee of 100 yuan ▶English letters bronzing ▴ is an uppercase English letter. ▴The font height is about 5mm. ▴Only provide within 10 letters, a fee of 150 yuan is required. ▴Some products must be stamped before production. The ready-made goods cannot be stamped, so they must be ordered and arranged separately. If you choose this service, you can contact customer service to understand the production time. ▶Laser engraving ▴Provide Chinese characters, English characters, numbers, symbols, and can specify computer fonts. ▴The available size is 60mm x 12mm, and a fee of 150 yuan is required. ▴Because laser engraving is the action of using laser beams to perform high-temperature burning on the leather surface, the burned fonts appear black and burnt, so black, dark blue... and other darker leathers cannot use this service. ▴Some products must be laser engraved before production. Laser engraving cannot be performed on ready-made products, so they must be ordered and arranged separately. If you choose this service, you can contact customer service to understand the production time. 🌞Care and maintenance -------------------- Frequent use is the best maintenance, and you should try to avoid placing the leather in a humid environment. If you accidentally get wet during use, please wipe it with a dry cloth immediately, and place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry in the shade. Do not expose it to the sun in a hurry to prevent the leather from hardening spoiled. After drying in the shade, you can wipe off the leather maintenance oil to refill the oil required by the leather. You can also spray a waterproof spray on the leather surface to prevent accidental wetness in life and increase surface protection. If the leather goods need to be stored or not used for a long time, they can be placed in an electronic moisture-proof box, and the humidity should be controlled between 50% and 60% to prevent mold, or you can use a sealed bag plus a dry bag, which can also have the same effect . During the storage period, the maintenance oil should be wiped regularly to avoid cracks on the leather surface due to drying. 🌞Notes -------------------- 1. After the order is confirmed, if there is stock, the shipment will be arranged as soon as possible. If there is no stock, the production must be arranged according to the order. However, because the products are all handmade, the production time is long, please wait patiently. If you have requirements on the arrival time, please contact customer service before placing an order. 2. The fixed delivery days of the studio are Tuesday and Friday every week. If there is a spot in stock, the delivery will be arranged as soon as possible. If there is a requirement on the arrival time, please contact the customer service before placing an order. 3. The shipping method can be SF Express home delivery, the shipping fee is 80 yuan; 7-11, Family Mart to the store, the shipping fee is 60 yuan. 4. The warranty period of the product is within one year from the date of purchase, and you can return to the store for repair and maintenance. Except for human factors, no additional maintenance fees will be charged. After one year, free leather maintenance is still provided, and part of the cost of repairs will be charged. 5. The leather material selected by the studio prefers to be natural. The cow leather itself will not have too much grinding and heavy surface coating, and there will be some color differences, lines and scars. If you require a clean and flawless leather surface, it may be difficult to produce. Sorry The request for "clean leather surface" is not accepted. In addition, as long as it has been engraved and laser engraved, returns will not be accepted unless the production is wrong.


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We love the warm and natural texture of vegetable tanned cow leather, so we have made this handmade leather product, a pull-type mobile phone case. We look forward to the most attentive attitude, and through this work, you can feel it.


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