[Valentine's Day recommended] (couples gifts) [customization] jigsaw puzzle necklace sterling silver necklace (with hands feel knocked 3 words or less)


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    ● About "Customization - Puzzle Men and Women Chain Group" Sterling Silver Necklace:

    "You completed me"

    Suitable for friends and friends to order the goods,
    For your custom only belongs to your puzzle chain,
    Only two custom puzzles can be put together,
    Every time the production will be different, do not worry about playing with strangers together: P
    But also for everyone in the puzzle on the feel knock on the word (numbers or English three words, there are "&" symbols can be knocked Oh!), Even more unique!

    ● Customized puzzle male and female chain Note:
    Customized puzzles Men and women on the chain group, containing two puzzle necklace (one with 16-inch female chain, one with 18-inch thick chain)
    If you want to change the chain length and male or female chain, all Ying first with the designer after the line under the order :)
    In addition, the puzzles are under the order after the sawing to shape, so do not worry will be repeated with other people or fight together, but the puzzle shape by the designer design, do not provide additional reference, if any other concerns, welcome First discuss with the designer Oh!
    Also please also after the order, please note on the note to knock on the word (number or English three words, as well as "&" sign can be knocked) What is it!
    So that the production speed faster: D

    ● Size: Each individual puzzle is about 1.5x1.5 centimeters
    Female-16-inch fine chain
    Men's -18-inch thick chain with the female chain

    ● Material: Sterling Silver (925 Silver)

    ● About "Dai. Metal design-DAI ":

    /// brand story ///
    A girl, because of the art, design, hand has a strong interest, but also because of the usual silver jewelry has a warm love, under the occasion of the occasion, learning a called "metal design" course, while learning metalworking, While the design of silver, from the embarked on the endless study of gold art to learn the journey, began to interest as a career of mind, want to produce a lot of simple, but generous, classic, meaningful, And good with the jewelry to decorate more people's lives!

    ///brand introduction///
    Dai. Metal design - DAI
    Seemingly complex metal craft
    Brand leader and designer "Dai Dai",
    Hope in their own name to create a their own financial "decoration" sector
    A whim, an emmanuel
    Through constant thoughts, constantly trying,
    Want to show a simple, fresh feeling
    Due to hand and simple and meticulous jewelry
    Decorate for your life a little beautiful!

    If you are different, you want to have a unique silverware
    We also have customized custom services Oh!

    ● About hand silver jewelry:
    The value of hand-made silverware is that one of the jewelry is through the staff, one by one to saw, shape, fine grinding, to repair to complete, rather than the mass production of the machine as cold, but also because the retention of the hand of the share of the temperature , Each kind of goods are likely to have a little difference with the photos, if you can accept the order to buy: D

    ● With the goods attached: wipe silver cloth, jewelry folder folder folder, guarantee card, complete packaging (including jewelry box, bag)

    ● silver maintenance tips:
    Silver will be vulcanized (commonly known as the oxidation) are normal, but because of this, but also added some of the flavor of silver, but if you want to maintain the color of silver itself, we can use the silver plate attached to the simple wipe silver, So that the original appearance; or after wearing, for a period of time is no longer possible to wear, the silver can be washed with water after the air or dry hair dryer (remember not to blow over the heat), to confirm the full dry, Attached to the jewelry sealed bag, can delay the vulcanization of silver situation. The most important thing is, do not bring the hot springs Oh, will make silver black is very exaggerated, and may not be able to maintain the original silver color Oh!

    In addition, we are very welcome to silver back home free maintenance cleaning: D

    ● Warranty:
    We provide one year warranty, non-human damage caused by the warranty period and under normal use can enjoy free maintenance. However, if the normal loss, improper use of artificial way, or irresistible natural factors lead to damage, is not in the warranty area, for maintenance, depending on the situation discretionary maintenance costs.

    ● Origin: Taiwan (MIT)
    ● Production: hand-made

    ❤ Thank you very much for us. Metalworking - DAI> support and love ❤
    Origin / manufacturing method
    Origin of Taiwan handmade
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[Valentine's Day recommended] (couples gifts) [customization] jigsaw puzzle necklace sterling silver necklace (with hands feel knocked 3 words or less)

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