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    Lang tea quarterly Qinfang origin, carefully selected on the quality of tea in optimal weather hour by excellent tea plucking division "single tea" (Single Origin). Do not mix tea for each "single tea" plus numbers elaborate tea things, the times, is no longer sold, the real feelings of pure sweet every piece of forest of different season. Tea, let us rediscover Taiwan, recognize the flavor of life.

    "At the moment here · unique" perspective tea bags original film:
    * Handle import paper packaging, design side valley white mountains, misty landscape table
    * Original film three-dimensional triangular tea bags, so that the blade actually enjoy Shuzhan Fang Hong



    Unlike last year, 17 small tea roasted green tea from Alishan was good, this season # 45 Small baked green tea - tea bags three-dimensional original film, selected from Alishan camphor Lake (and wild fragrant oolong tea the same area, the master) of tea, tea by the exclusive exquisite enamel baking light, there are 17 small hand roasted green tea friends, we might compare two models delicate tea warm taste.

    ______45 small roasted green tea_____

    "Baking like a trial, can elevate tea to another level."

    This is at the top of Alishan tea classes, is well-known pure tea area "camphor Lake" one of the best professional tea factory, excellent tea technology by local farmers trust, every tea production season, drying field phthalocyanine green one, the master shuttle busy, tea lovers.

    Alishan fragrance heritage approach, coupled with the sophisticated spirit of research, a group of young professional chef obsessed with the profound expression of tea texture, so the advantage is more prominent. Through precise control of fermentation, a strong entrance floral, sweet obviously, quite resistant foam!

    On good quality mountain tea, should not be over-baked, first to slow the drying temperature to remove taste Jing, repeated three times, slowly warming, taste test, and finally to the high temperature stability of tea, so softly baked leads most meticulous sweetness. Baked sweet warm light, suitable with nuts or beans with fragrant pastries, such as almond shortbread, green beans Peng, is simply a perfect match!


    Roasted green tea [small] · Knew

    Varieties: Green Heart Oolong
    Origin: Alishan camphor Lake
    Altitude: 1400m
    Harvest Number: # 45 (2015.09)
    Baking Date: 2016.05.20
    Degree of fermentation: ▲▲
    Baking degree: ▲▲ Δ
    Contents: 12 tea bags original film three-dimensional package (3g / bag)
    Origin: Taiwan


    [Lang recommended teabag tea brewing method]
    1. First warm cup: add some hot water into the cup, wait for about 3-5 seconds, drained, warm cup of tea to make a more complete stretch.
    2. The three-dimensional tea bags into the cup of warmed air, hot gas by smell tea.
    3. evenly pour hot water onto the tea bags in hot water to make tea scroll.
    4. Soak for about 3-5 minutes, depending on personal preference and tea color gradation adjustment, front line can enjoy tea bag swinging a uniform concentration of tea.
    5. The original leaf tea bags perspective about rushing back to be 4-5 times, it is very economical and convenient for busy companion.

    * Good tea original film, not easy long immersion bitter. Soak for longer, more caffeine will be released, if the fear of tea too thick, can be separately prepared small dishes placed tea bags.

    [Declaration] peace of mind
    1) 100% Taiwan-made tea a single product: tea every branch can clearly know which farmers an effort, which is the result of more retrospective piece of land.
    2) Food Safety and Inspection: Verification Unit: TÜV Rheinland Group certification TTB tea safety testing, in line with Taiwan, the United States, Japan and other countries safety standards.
    3) product liability insurance AIU ten million yuan
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[Lang] small tea roasted green tea / tea bags three-dimensional original film / light sweet baked sweet rhyme · Warm

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