Blue Green Milky Way + Moonstone + Aquamarine Bracelet

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The green and blue-green sky river stone with white lines, Photographs of Tianhe Stone are easy to have color difference



cawaiidaisy เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

1 - 3 วัน
Blue Green Milky Way + Moonstone + Aquamarine Bracelet


**===__following is the same size of different beads to wear photos for reference__===**

**Blue Green Milky Way + Moonstone + Aquamarine Bracelet**

Product Description:

**===Out of stock for a long time, finally added to, limited number please grasp ===**

The green and blue-green color of the Milky Way is white, and some of the beads have yellow spots and black spots.

Note: Photographs of Tianhe Stone are easy to have color difference, the actual color is blue-green with white lines!

With a little jade texture, the Tianhe stone is more moist than the ore texture.

There are various Tianhe Stones in the design hall. Each color has a slightly different texture.

There is a chromatic aberration when the camera shoots this blue-green color.

So provide multiple photos taken under different lighting for reference.

The overall color is very beautiful, wearing very skinned skin is white, and very bright!

With the translucent aquamarine and moonlight through the moon, it is the most versatile design.

Due to the design relationship, when the bracelet is laid flat, it is not round. Please wear it with no problem.

Some dark and bright photos are deliberately photographed in different light for your reference.

The photo is deliberately not overhauled, showing full transparency and natural color.

The natural stones used by daisy are not post-processed and color-added. Occasionally, black spots are not obvious, and mineral defects are normal.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Product size description:

Tianhe Stone - about 7.5~7.7MM


Moonstone - 6.2MM

Sterling Silver Ball-4.5MM

This bracelet is recommended to be worn around 15.5 hands. Daisy wears loose.

*The natural stone bracelets in the *daisy store all use Japanese elastic silk thread, which is easy to wear.
* If you need to modify, please remember to inform us that if you need to increase the price, you must contact us in advance. Thank you.
*daisy hands around 15CM for reference.
* The meaning within the hand circumference XX is that it is worn under the XX size range.
If it is indicated that the hand circumference is worn within 15, but your actual hand circumference is 13, this will of course be too large.
Please be sure to inform your handcuffs!

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

*... → Measuring hand circumference method:

The number around the smallest circle around the wrist is the size of the hand. No need to deliberately tighten or relax!
If you are accustomed to wearing special loose or joint hands, be sure to inform first.
When the elastic bracelet is worn, the size must be large enough to smoothly pass through the palm and wrist bones into the wrist.
So don't wear them like steel wire bracelets.
Everyone's skeleton is different.
If the palm of the hand is relatively generous and the wrists are thin, then wearing elastic strand bracelets will be looser.
When adjusting the size of daisy, the bracelet design will be adjusted as much as possible.
If you have any questions about the size of your product, please feel free to contact us first.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
Daisy's persistence

* Brass Silver Plated Beads - Made of high quality brass silver plated beads, they are extremely resistant to oxidation and are easier to maintain than pure silver.
(Note: Oxidation marks on the edges of the beads are normal, because the edges of the beads often rub together.)
* 925 sterling silver beads - sub-bright silver beads and vintage old silver beads, are 925 sterling silver, with the use of oxidation, need to wipe the silver cloth maintenance.
* If the hand-made jewelry is not specifically marked, use Japanese elastic silk thread.
*Daisy's hand-made natural stone jewelry is dyed without post-processing and will not fade if worn normally.
(Some of the minerals are afraid of heat due to their characteristics and will be indicated first.)
* natural stone crystal jewelry, daisy will be cleaned before shipping, buyers can feel at ease.
* Jewelry should be avoided as much as possible to avoid collision with water, in particular, not wearing a bath and washing hot springs, etc.
Will make the metal part easily oxidized or cause the crystal to change color.
*Natural stone jewelry may also change slightly in color due to individual wearing conditions.
However, not everyone can happen. If you have any doubts, you can contact them first.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Trading considerations

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̇ 商品 * products can be modified in accordance with the buyer's needs, will be subject to change, depending on the circumstances, details please discuss with me.
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If you are unacceptable, ordering is not recommended.
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̇* Shipment time is sent within five working days after the payment is made, excluding holidays. Please contact with us if there is an emergency.
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Like the surface of the bead, the fog may change, but it is not worn out by the original light.
This is unavoidable. Wearing a sterling silver bracelet for a long time will also have small collision wear marks.
Therefore, try not to knock it when you wear jewelry.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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