**~Single owl "Kaka" sterling silver earrings <There is only one in this area~>** Sheep + handmade

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เงินแท้ ต่างหู สีเงิน - **~Single owl "Kaka" sterling silver earrings <There is only one in this area~>** Sheep + handmade


Please read the product description carefully before placing a bid. If you have any questions, please make sure to raise it to avoid future disputes, thank you~ ================================================= ============ **This model can be made into a "silicone" ear clip version~ **If you have special requirements <Accessories size / necklace can be extended chain / silver chain style / engraving> please ask for negotiation first**~ **If you have special requirements <necklace length/ bracelet length/ gift packaging, etc.> please ask first**~ **If you want to give a gift, please ask if it is in stock and when you need it, so as not to delay the gift giving time**~ **Assess small items that can be repaired, the construction period is about 14 days, "Six days excluded", and the mailing costs need to be borne by yourself**~ **small objects are damaged due to human factors, ``Eleventh Heart'' cannot provide warranty**~ "Gems, accessories, etc. are not covered by the warranty" **International friends, now the international freight of "Eleven Hearts" will arrive in about 7-15 days. If you need to receive the goods quickly, you need to open another international express, which will arrive in about 3-4 days. Please leave a message for prices separately**~ **If you have any questions, please leave a message to contact "Eleventh Heart", thank you**~ Please be sure to indicate your requirements in the remarks column after payment so as not to miss it~ In order to avoid unpleasantness in the future, please cooperate with everyone~ If there is no indication in the remarks column and the product accessories are incorrect, we will not return the goods~ Please forgive me ================================================= ============= **~The Imaginer Perseveres~** https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4585/38691053922_dc9258c39f_s.jpg {Small imagination + story + feelings in life {The feeling of happiness is conveyed through the small pattern of silver clay~ **~Size~** Sterling silver size: 1cm x 1cm** <less than 1 yuan> **~Material~** 999 sterling silver <Japan Aida sterling silver clay> + 925 white fungus pin ear buckle + vulcanized matte treatment **~ Use & maintenance method & packaging~** ~Eleventh Heart@羊+~ When sterling silver jewelry is worn, it will turn yellow and black due to exposure to sweat or air. At this time, please wipe the jewelry with a silver cloth to restore the original luster~ Attached a special jewelry zipper bag* small silver cloth After wearing, please wipe with silver cloth Put it in a zipper bag, it can hold pure silver and is not easy to oxidize quickly~ * Do not clean the silver cloth, because the silver cloth contains abrasives and can be reused~ * If it is a matte product, a small piece of sponge sandpaper will be attached~ As long as the product is dirty, please use sponge sandpaper to grind it in the same direction~ * In response to environmental protection demands, "Sheep+" simplifies the packaging, but we still hope to offer "Sheep+" a little heart~ If you need a gift, it will be packed separately, please add it after the address or in the remarks column~ https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1639/25209217090_e111d8c577_m.jpg **~ Manufacturing method~** {All "Eleven Hearts" products insist on 100% hand-made~ Because the warmth and feel of the hand-made is the most unique~ ^^ {Each work is made with both hands, so each product will have slightly different hand-made imprints~ That is the ID card belonging to each work~ {If there are special requirements [gift packing] Please remember to add in the remarks column or after the address~ Such as: 2F, No. 157, Kunming Street, Taipei City / Gift packaging~ -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ Origin / manufacturing method ~ Made in Taiwan~ <Handmade>


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**Single owl "Kaka" single earring** The single Kaka is looking for the object it likes~ Can she find destined ears to live alone when she is alone~


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