[DIY Handmade] Calm Incense Burner Bricklaying Material Package - Fast Shipping

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[DIY Handmade] Calm Incense Burner Bricklaying Material Package - Fast Shipping


Build bricks with family or friends and have a great time together! ✿ Product specification/size: finished product is about width 13×length 14×height 16cm ✿ Commodity packaging: high quality corrugated box 24*18*5cm ✿ Place of Origin: Taiwan ✿ Manufacturing method/Material: Kiln fired/Brick ✿Remarks: Orders placed before 12:00 noon on the same day can be shipped on the same day, but not on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays ✿ Product content: 2 pieces of gable wall, 2 pieces of lattice wall, 1 piece of red tile roof, 1 piece of yellow flying tiger, 17 pieces of 1/6 full brick, 46 pieces of 1/12 full brick, 4 pieces of 1/12 half brick, white glue . Clay. Stir stick. sponge ✿Commodity Story✿ The word "stove" means a vessel for holding fire. "Incense" refers to the use of incense indoors. The incense burner is called the "Incense Furnace". In ancient times, incense was not entirely for the embellishment of life, incense had more functions: incense clothing, eliminate fatigue, and disperse mosquitoes. ✿Product Features✿ The small bricks are used to build a tiled house, and the upper and lower gaps are used to drain water, so that the incense smoke rises slowly; through the process of incense, some thoughts can be re-purified and stabilized. Incorporating architectural elements such as gables and lattices of traditional Fujian-style buildings, the traditional evil-repelling yellow tiger on the roof is used to highlight the design and increase the overall interest. ✿How to use and maintain✿ After completing the assembly according to the steps shown in the diagram, when the white glue and Cement are dry, you can put incense and burn. ✿The weight limit of supermarket logistics is 5 kg✿ Due to the weight limit of 5 kg for supermarket pickup, if you have any weight concerns, please chat with a private message first. If the total weight of the combined order exceeds, please cancel the order and re-order and choose the appropriate logistics (home delivery), because the system cannot modify the delivery method, resulting in Sorry for the inconvenience ✿Notes for overseas customers to place an order✿ This product contains Cement and white glue. Due to restrictions on chemical materials, it cannot be imported or exported. If it is ordered overseas, the mud powder and white glue will be taken out. ✿Notes✿ Due to the relationship between the kiln firing, production process and temperature of each brick-fired commodity, there is a slight error in the size of the commodity, within a reasonable range of ±0.8 cm, and the kiln firing has a slight color difference and Stone is a normal phenomenon, and the brick products are Emphasize nature, the actual state is mainly based on the product, please confirm that it is acceptable to place an order to protect your precious consumer rights. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51341347875_7173abc4cb_z.jpg Kiln-fired ashes - natural presentation Red brick raw material: natural clay contains minerals and other ingredients, and the clay is 1,050 degrees Celsius During the firing process within 100°C, due to the high temperature kiln firing, there will be a difference in the lightness and weight of the color tone. Dark or pale, reddish, or white or black natural stains caused by burning firewood Presents a rustic look. Or natural stains caused by blasting Stone, which is a normal kiln burning phenomenon. So the item you receive will be a unique color. ✿Instructional Videos✿ Sanhe Tile Kiln - Five Parts of Bricklaying (Chinese and English subtitles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDyyoVM1wNc&t=321s Sanhe tile kiln - Incense burner DIY (Chinese and English subtitles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3Gt1yxtvUc


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With the integration of architectural elements such as gables and lattices of traditional Fujian-style buildings, the traditional evil-repelling object Huang Feihu sitting on the roof is combined, and small bricks are used to build a tiled house. It has its functions: incense clothes, eliminate fatigue, and disperse mosquitoes.


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