MIT Limited odd duo house little dress handmade European imports of cotton printing money --- Something New


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    / Commodity Description and story /

    Odd duo house in Taiwan 100% cotton knit striped mini dress fashion models ---






    / Size, size, size, weight


    / Material /
    ** 100% natural cotton cloth imported from Europe **



    Why cloth in Taiwan or Europe, the US and Japan!?

    1. Although the cost is higher, but because the contact with the baby's body so we must be very careful and if cotton material

    2. in Taiwan but also the finest fabrics, because many people are prepared to work on a fixer steal stolen material, this case will cause staining, this step before we can actually produce proof water washing test

    3. Why do organic cotton, because we confirm that give Xiaowa and organic cotton dyeing insufficient diversification, little change, you can not give Xiaowa cute clothes, we insist on peace of mind to wear comfortable to wear, but wear cute, wear bright

    The United States and Japan at the cost of the selection of fabrics, dyeing level because the detail of construction method and have a high degree of fashion, we insist baby beauty start small, and it will be the next chapter of his life, so we are particularly good selection of material .

    5. The price can not be down with the spread the goods the same, because we are all limited edition, also special pick style, let your baby wear fine, if you want to compare prices, and that the streets were many mainland or Korean goods imported large amounts of clothing, all you can to choose, we quest for exquisite presentation with details that we can do for kids

    The intention is to pick your child's heart, if you are using something like this to the child's mind to pick the future he will feel your mind, so be careful to face any one to choose his life

    We insist on hand also to support Taiwan's industry, as well as her mother's intentions in it, every minute is a careful selection and coordination, I hope you also feel the Hand is to have that point temperature is carefully feeling, you You can tell your child that mind. This is why we would like for you to do first

    Every piece of clothing behind the intentions are small because the kids deserve

    Na ぜ, using habitat ha Taiwan, Japan, ヨ ー ro ッ made desu ka pa!?

    1. Chi chi ゃ san の direct contact with body made me cry together u ni na の で, will zu nn U ッ Suites の creative use で thou ru ko と い zu mo wo wo partial payment note ~ te i ma si

    2. Made in Taiwan の habitat de mo, iwa choose me cry ba shi na ke ke ma se san い. Ta ku san の メ ー ー ka wa color の fixtures engineering wo su ru province i ta ta Circular, color drop chi shi ma si. Desu の で, commodity ga Cytec nn pu ni su ru ru made before, will fall away chi zu Te su Suites wo shi ma si

    3. na ぜ オ ー ga ni LEC U ッ Suites nn wo use shi ma se san!? そ me cry ha, オ ー ga ni LEC U ッ Suites nn の staining wa easy で wa na ku, color の ba ri EVAL ー シ ョ nn ga less nai desu. Se っ ka ku,い の clothes na ni, ya wa ri safe and secure で wa da ke na ku, ku cute top with te ki ta い desu

    4. U-su Suites wo shi ma zu pity, ヨ ー の yield pa ro ッ habitat utilization wo su ru noha ya fu printing method ASTON ッ シ ョ nn face test え ma wo shi ta kara desu. For a small child wa sa i ro kara US の ご awareness wo ke na me cry ba high Circular い san ke ma se.

    5. pu LITE Yatai NADO su ni wa san thing than べ ru で ki ma ga se.ぜ na na ra, social disadvantages の Shi Yang commodity wa wo shi selected, limited prix bai shi ma si. Pu LITE su su wo watching me cry ba, Street ni Chinese manufactured goods ga ya in Korea の multi-ku ri ma si の で, そ me cry selected wo ke batop san で い と think i ma desu ka. Yo い の commodity performance の の provide a really wa zu desu. In the future, the sub-holding for mo そ の Genki chi shi ga sub ka ru で January u. Haas ド メ イ ド nn の の dedicated support Taiwan's industrial wa desu. Haas ド メ イ ド nn wa merchandise の warm sense ji ka wo Mi ga ru ko と で ki ma si.っ と ki ni son for me cry そ wo Yun wa ri ma si

    / Designer and brand profile /







    Origin / manufacturing methods
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MIT Limited odd duo house little dress handmade European imports of cotton printing money --- Something New

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