【Good Glas】 Double color glass - green

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GOODGLAS เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

ภายใน 1 วัน
ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
【Good Glas】 Double color glass - green


/ Product description and story /
Dance double glass series

Tea, breathe the rhythm of life
Brown, revealing a wonderful luster
Tea, experience the infinite possibilities of life

A cup of tea, one from the green fragrance

Green is the color of nature, symbolizes growth, harmony, fresh,
Suitable for people who travel frequently and travel, to you in the busy city looking for a corner of the green you / you.

Red glass continues the pursuit of modern life aesthetics,
Adhere to the glass material as a starting point,
Let the design of nature exist in your life.

- Double Glass -
Since the introduction of double-cup production after the international well-known coffee brand recognition,
Cooperated with a variety of design cups, will be in the country for years of double glassware to promote the people of Taiwan.
Double-layer glass is the biggest feature of hot drink is not hot, drink cold drinks do not condense the effect of water droplets,
Is now the most design sense of glassware.

- color and space -
Taiwan has a unique life aesthetics and style, colorful fruit, gorgeous street, colorful costumes, shaped into Taiwan's local life aesthetics, color exists in every corner of life, was given a disagreement, feel natural There is life in the color and space, "color series double cup" to color as the main axis, dialogue with the living space, through the interaction between color and space, wake up the home space and the emotional connection, so that living space is no longer Only to accommodate the body, there is more memory and emotions.

/ Size, size, size, weight /
Width 12 x height 11.4 cm
Capacity: 330ml

/ Material /
Handmade boron glass
Heat to 120 ° C

/ Packaging /
General carton packaging

/ Use and maintenance mode /
Do not put in the microwave and dishwasher.
Avoid the use of corrosive cleaners.

/ Remarks /
Each one is hand-molded glass,
If there are some manual traces and bubbles is a normal phenomenon ^ ^

/ Designer and brand profile /
Red glass - [Taiwan glass of modern aesthetics]
New Expression of Taiwan Glass Art
Use the glass craft to ponder city aesthetics.

/ fans club/
Red glaze Redliuli
Good Glass Good Glas

/ Origin, manufacturing method /


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