TAISO Artist Mucha - Champagne Goddess Art Curve Cup

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Grabbing the design style of the Mucha goddess, the sweet smile of the young girl is fascinating, and the quiet gaze is



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TAISO Artist Mucha - Champagne Goddess Art Curve Cup


**【Product desciption】** Drawing on the design style of the Mucha goddess, it includes Mucha’s most known works. Lines of hair, detail design of jewelry, echo of plants and women, can be described as the most classic style of Mucha. Sweet smiles of young girls are attractive, and behind the quiet gaze is a gorgeous world of arcs. Charming exotic Characteristic style, elegant and luxurious ~ ★ Taiwan's Yangge in the production of fine craft porcelain ★ Single cup double-sided two paintings complete rendering **【Introduction of works】** <The royal white wine posters produced by Moore and Horton> Mucha’s exquisite painting artist presents a completely different yet complementary atmosphere. The combination of two different types of alcohol and women emphasizes different taste experiences. The arc-shaped halo and the hollow background quietly bring a little space. **【product features】** European New Art Master Czech National Treasure - Mucha The works of modern animation, Bohemian ancestors, Mu Xia are full of astounding and breathtaking compositions. They are good at patterns of flowers and plants, with Byzantine, Celtic, Japanese, Rococo style, Gothic, The various elements of Judaism and Czech folk art are mosaic-inlaid backgrounds, or dazzling Chinese costumes, jewelry, arabesque ornaments, and elaborate outline lines, which make the works strong and powerful, and rich in decorative arts values. Among them, the beautiful female body, decorative flowers, flowing long hair, and the use of bright colors and harmonious colors all make Mu Xia paintings unique and classic exotic features! **【Specifications】** Porcelain cup: φ100mm x 140mm x 150mm Packing: 120mm x 165mm x 155mm Capacity: 550 ml Material: Ceramic 【Precautions】 1. Do not wash with a brush or a hard cleaner to prevent scratches on the ceramic surface. 2. The product's capacity and size within ±3% are all good products. **T**aiwan +**A**rt +**I**dea +**S**tyle +**O**riginality =**TAISO** ● TAISO was established in 2008. It focuses on the presentation of artistic elements, cultural and creative design, and aesthetics of life. The development spirit is to invest in the development of products with a deep sense of beauty and high quality and practicality. TAISO aims at this Make art natural integration into life, let people naturally appreciate the beauty of life and the value of life. ● TAISO marketing arts and cultural design brand with artistic elements, cultural and creative design, development to create quality taste Life aesthetics. Adhere to the "aesthetic design X professional technology X quality manufacturing" insist. ● TAISO is a cultural and creative enterprise dedicated to the creative marketing of art and culture. Through the life of art works, pull The distance between art and people is deeply embedded in the aesthetics of the public life. ● TAISO’s cultural and creative career is based on “creating a cultural miracle in Taiwan” as its corporate vision and Taiwan’s profound cultural foundation. Convergence, local emotion and industry integration, and then accumulate application and innovation, at the same time assemble the power of all sectors of society, group policy Together, they worked hard for Taiwan’s culture to build a platform for the continuation and development of Taiwan’s culture. Output, let the world feel the true, good, and beautiful of this piece of land in Taiwan. Cultural and Creative Arts, Creative Plus! Integrate Taiwanese culture and art into life aesthetics and enrich the good life of the community! **Art Elements + Culture Recognition & Story Emotion + Creative Design + Marketing Services = Aesthetic Economy**


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