Sea blue 16cm Jellyfish Avatar jellyfish luminous glass Christmas gift custom lettering

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It is worthy of collection of marine life modeling glass art, plus custom carving as the most suitable for housewarming gifts



msa-glass เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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Sea blue 16cm Jellyfish Avatar jellyfish luminous glass Christmas gift custom lettering


**Please press [Contact Designer] to note the engraving content (Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean numbers are available)**
**Special restrictions: Do not accept overseas orders. Only for VIPs in Taiwan.** (The color of all jellyfish)

Material: glass / jellyfish shape is also glass and add a layer of luminous powder
Size: height 16cm x 9cm (handmade separately slightly different) 2KG

**Customized scope: one sentence (Chinese, English and Japanese date can be used)**
**(Special customer system is priced according to the complexity, welcome to provide customized image files)**

Features: The shape of each jellyfish in the shape of the tentacles is different. A large number of bubbles are part of the design. The water and lines in the glass are also normal products in the process. The actual color will be slightly different to the actual product. Prevail

Luminous: can't be a night light, mainly because the more light is absorbed, the better the effect of light. The meaning of light absorption is that it is usually placed in the office with fluorescent lamps or sunlight through the window, which will make the luminous powder absorb light, when there is darkness, there will be micro Light, if placed in a dark place for a long time, the luminous effect is not good

Glowing jellyfish is like Avatar, floating in the air, beautiful colors shine at night, can be placed on the table or next to the fish tank, the shape of each jellyfish in the handmade glass process is different from the moving tentacles, it is a unique The work of life! Designer glass hand-carved for you to write a blessing to write on the miss

**Thank you for custom-made out of the box to share ~ jellyfish in the fish tank**
The jellyfish in the aquarium is a very good idea!! Do you want to add a good friend to your baby fish tank? I thought I really raised a jellyfish!! XD

If you don't want to ruin the front of the main body of the work, it is recommended to engrave the year at the bottom (contact the table).
**MSA can't ship works that are completely uncarved**
Bottom engraving example reference

**Special instructions for making handmade jellyfish glass**
Each hand-made system contains different shapes and shades of color. Some are blue or green, or evenly distributed. The shades are different. You can't specify the color. Your jellyfish has its own unique color.

MSA jellyfish carving production live

Some people will ask, is this really a jellyfish in it? The designer recommended this glass from the inside out, but a company called "The Amazing Jellyfish" in the United States is really made of jellyfish bodies. These jellyfish lights do not need to be plugged in. As long as you enter the dark environment, you can release blue cold light.

The "Amazing Jellyfish" company collects deadly jellyfish bodies, freezes them in liquid nitrogen, and seals them into oval transparent resin. Designers especially introduced their really amazing works to everyone, and the real jellyfish is of course more lifelike, it can be said that it is another craft!
**PS is especially reminded to avoid misleading**
This film is not sold by MSA brand. All the products you buy are made of glass.

**Special restrictions: Do not accept overseas orders. Only for VIPs in Taiwan.**

**Works reminder:**
1. Can not be sunshine, general indoor lighting can be
2. If there is a long time in the dark, there will be no night light (usually need to absorb light)
3. There is a difference between each piece of luminous light and luminous powder distribution. Luminous light is not the main function of the work, so it cannot be returned because the luminous effect is not as good as expected. Please pay attention to avoid misunderstanding.
4. The work is about 2KG fragile, please pay attention to the storage position, the crack will not be repaired.
5. The luminous effect of each piece is almost the same, pure white jellyfish is the best


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