: Urb [travel] Kinoe BAG feedback activities: Urb single purchase over 1,800 optionally Isshiki

แปลอัตโนมัติ (ภาษาเดิม: จีน-ตัวเต็ม)
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วัสดุอื่นๆ กระเป๋าแมสเซนเจอร์ สีส้ม - : Urb [travel] Kinoe BAG feedback activities: Urb single purchase over 1,800 optionally Isshiki


http://www.urb.idv.tw/images/bag/HK.jpg -------------------------------------------- [Urb. Feedback activities] Buy Urb. Works over $ 1,800, that is a gift bag / full $ 3,600, which donated two packages ... (excluding other brands, only Urb.) Optional color, please next single after the remarks column, like "color name" to - Thin Series: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1DEBmf9i - Canvas: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1JmIpFWh - Waterproof Series: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1FvkEeFK * Please remarks column: I have purchased over $ 1,800, sent to the designated color: xxx Color -------------------------------------------- Special attention [description] * If you do not buy Urb. Single orders over $ 1,800 (excluding other brands, only Urb.) Do not single-color selection * This page is purchased Urb. $ Work instruction sheet, without additional purchase orders If do not understand the way of gifts, be sure to write in to ask, thank you support -------------------------------------------- "Tour the edge of town BAG" ultra-short stories They come from different towns Then, with a "small grocery store between the sides." Us hours to help with "red and white striped bags" fitted to neighbors Now, the "edge city tour BAG" More long-term use will be filled with people for the night tour of the city -------------------------------------------- An umbrella coat Two books Er'bao potato chips Can be fitted together and then travel into the city to travel -------------------------------------------- <Features introduced> Dorsal extension strap design women and men (non-slung) Strap full length 84cm width 20cm package packet length 42cm Photo Model: 158CM ------------------------------------------- [On] the thickness Star ☆ / lightweight Easy Storage / thin also be loaded with a lot of Five stars ☆☆☆☆☆ / thick stiff / reckless swing out of the city (Varies each fabric, the same does not mean the same as the thickness of the stars, the stars only reference light quantity level) "Red cell" sense of class cotton (thick ☆☆☆) http://www.urb.idv.tw/images/bag/4/red4_500_1.jpg http://www.urb.idv.tw/images/bag/4/red4_500_2.jpg "Little Green Grid" class cotton material (thick ☆☆☆) http://www.urb.idv.tw/images/bag/3/green05-1_500.jpg http://www.urb.idv.tw/images/bag/3/green05-2_500.jpg <Black> Twill / cotton material type (thick ☆☆☆) http://www.urb.idv.tw/images/bag/2/bag_black_500-3.jpg <Coffee micro-light> denim / cotton material type (thick ☆) http://www.urb.idv.tw/images/bag/2/bag_coffee_500.jpg http://www.urb.idv.tw/images/bag/coffee-2.jpg * About the material: With "green recycling concept 'departure, When the package works as we hope supporters repeatedly applied, tour the city side shoulder bag, resulting in, We all Brisbane to collect little more than re-use cloth So colors of different materials, different textures for as long as we will be hosting their side BAG Multi-class coat / jacket / coat materials, clothing materials are hand wash / machine wash Slow * About Weight: Side shoulder bag is lightweight carry bag, it is recommended not to place too heavy items, Up to three bottles of mineral water is recommended to put weight Let not sour side shoulders relaxed tour of town * About washing: Due to health problems, recommends washing the clothes wash separately More contact with the bag due to the dirt at possible floor or table, or chair ... etc. If the machine washable, lightweight package recommends slow wash, good maintain its lightweight body (hand wash course is better)


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