Monday Blue Beautiful blue sky organic cotton double oversized quilt on Monday _ sky blue

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* 100 Turkish organic cotton * This product is OCS certified * Please 30 degrees C water temperature neutral detergent n



1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Monday Blue Beautiful blue sky organic cotton double oversized quilt on Monday _ sky blue


At Fiatlux Blue is the blue sky is not melancholy Lying in the nest of blue sky Please lazy stretch please play owe Let your feet comfortable hanging on the bed shaking Please feel Please feel Please feel it in your face Leg side shoulder And every way to get in touch with you This feeling alone is wonderful *Size Description: Sky blue oversized quilt 210x240 cmcm* Contains a group of pure in me pure; I pure white double pin pillowcase (two into) *Material Description: Turkey 100% GOTS certified organic cotton* Crowded crowded, colorful East Street, from the Korean boom, the Japanese trend shop to the international well-known brands, fashionable clothing every season in the changing, embracing fast-fashion people are blind to their skin every day without knowing the fabric . Unconsciously, we can not identify the body of the fabric is actually poor quality petrochemical fibers. Unconsciously, we can not feel that although we did not eat the fabric, but in a large number of printing dyes and chemicals, forget their own body in fact need good ventilation and breathing, will not be distant with the raw materials and consumers We all forgot the day when we knew each other, the earth and the earth ... Because bedding is not a daily replacement of clothes, so pay more attention to its material and process is human friendly, we try a little more, the environment, the supply chain, the transparency of product information, the creation of a brand The starting point and each of these choices should start with good. **Co-op is a bedding brand that combines beauty, temperature and friendliness.** "Photo cooperatives" is a hope to reduce the chemical and physical discharge of bedding fabrics through the design and selection of natural fibers. We recognize Benefit Cooperation (B-type companies: both fair, public and profit-making enterprises), so in the process of product creation, we must also consider "not only ourselves" but "everyone together" (we include land, Air, river ... and so on all forms of life). I hope to introduce natural fiber bedding to the public at the same time, as long as we make a beautiful and natural good bedding, then, consumers like to buy bedding and have let the public participate and assist the environment! **"What we should see is not only smallholders and food security, not just ourselves."** **FiatLux co-op dual personality.** External personality is derived from the sense of responsibility for social care, so we are committed to promoting the use of natural fibers (such as cotton, linen, wood pulp fibers, Tencel, etc.) or recycled fibers. The intrinsic personality is from the aesthetic appearance, design to set off the texture of the fabric itself, the style is simple and elegant, people back to the bedroom after the release of the full color in the moderate full strain and tension. **"Photosynthetic cooperatives do not just sell bedding, nor do we just sleep. What we're responding to is that each one wants to be real after he returns to his bedroom ... The craving for a truly quiet ..."** In making the first batch of products, we considered many natural fibers, from Taiwan, mainland China, India around the circle, and finally the first batch of bedding we choose from Turkey organic cotton, the highest weaving organic cotton intertwined, and with 60 Year experience of Taiwanese textile giant Taiyuan cooperation, the use of GOTS (International Organic Cotton Certification) process and in line with the GOTS standard environmental dyes, the last commissioned by the Tainan thirty years old experience in processing plants responsible for foundry, with the best seams Workmanship and details deal with a needle and a line. We also try our best to minimize the use of plastic on the packaging. Using environmentally friendly non-woven bags as the packaging material, we hope to make it repeatable for consumers rather than another one-time-use plastic bag. **Optical Cooperative is the first organic cotton bedding brand in Taiwan that offers a wide range of colors. It is also the first bedding brand in Taiwan that focuses on natural fiber and environmentally friendly products.** Double extra large quilt: 8 * 7 *Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwanese textile factory manufacturing Taiyuan / 30 years Tainan factory sewing skills*


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