Memory toast / winter long-sleeved clothes (new version of cotton custom fabric)


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    This is a big breakthrough in the deer skin!
    We have made our own cloth to the cloth factory!
    From yarn selection and weaving, material and post-processing
    Are step by step repeated testing and communication
    From scratch to make out the fabric!

    Material: pure cotton
    After a long production process,
    When the fabric is done, I really want to jump side cheers!
    Please look at the introduction of the new version of the fabric!


    Please do not read the purchase policy at the bottom of the merchandise page

    Memory toast / winter long-sleeved clothes

    The deer skin boss favorite painting sign expression
    Printed on the memory of toast
    Let everyone eat it
    I remember life deer skin! The The

    -------------------------------------------------- -----------

    ▌ Toast of self introduction ▌

    1, toast inside the face, sew a layer of cotton, toast face Peng Peng
    2, thick sanding + cotton shop, wear it very comfortable!
    3, the use of dense copy of the internal, even if the place is also very hard to see: D!
    4, the color is twist light gray, gray and white ~

    -------------------------------------------------- -----------

    Deer skin version is "regardless of men and women"
    Keep the toilet only "big" and "trumpet"!

    Deer skin to do the clothes, are not too fit!
    The size of the tolerance are quite large!
    Mainly to consider the ---- wear the feeling!

    ~ ~ How to effectively assess their size ~ ~ ~
    1, take a piece of their usual wear habits like clothes, flat on the bed!
    Holding a ruler, the best tape!
    While measuring our size table, while measuring ~ ~
    2, refer to the height and weight of others!
    This way will be slightly inadvertently, because each person body uneven thickness of different!

    -------------------------------------------------- -----------

    Material: cotton

    -------------------------------------------------- -----------

    :: on the hair of the wool sweater status ::

    Cotton material, compared to man-made fibers less prone to hair ball!
    The principle is that man-made fibers are more prone to static electricity!
    When the static electricity is generated, the upper hair of the brushed cloth will "roll" up!
    (Brush is a layer of a layer of Mao "brush" up!
    So the top of a layer of hair, so that Peng Peng floating above! )
    Become a small hair ball with varying degrees of severity!

    Replaced by cotton, you can reduce the static!
    It is not easy to make up the ball!

    If you are wearing a "brushed fabric"
    Dress because the lower body is easy to rub!
    (Unlike the university T series, wearing the upper body, not easy to be rubbed!)
    Plus if you wear underwear or wool pants (thicker fiber)
    ,,, and so on more rough surface clothing
    All day friction down, or because of the degree of static electricity and a small hair ball!

    We tried to experiment, cotton cloth is really not easy to make up the ball
    (Happy circle)
    This is the reason why we fully replace the material! The
    But ass or backpack and so easy to wear to the place, or will there be a little!
    So especially to write this to tell you that!
    Please do not worry too much!
    Good-looking clothes ~ is to be free to wear anytime, anywhere

    Have the value of ~ ~ ~

    -------------------------------------------------- -----------
    ✶ Then take a look at the photos taken by the boss Shing Lin!
    (Height and weight is: 161cm / 47kg)

    Toast inside the face, sew a layer of cotton, toast face Peng Peng

    The use of dense copy of the internal, even if you can not see the place is also very hard: D!
    The color is twist light gray, gray and white
    Thick sanding + cotton, wear it very comfortable!

    The following is the boss ㄆ wear large!
    (161 cm / 47 kg)

    The following is the boss ㄆ wear trumpet!
    (161 cm / 47 kg)

    Boys: 170cm / 55kg

    -------------------------------------------------- -

    This time went to the last time the Hualien River bed adventure
    Terrain is more rugged!
    Grass is also long out!
    With the summer when it is completely different!
    The wind has become so strong! The \

    Small country small
    Wall painted with powerful map! The
    Finally, a photo with Taiwan!

    Thank you all

    LOOPY! Deer skin is the forest and the fortune of the creation of the brand
    All the material, version type, design details, packaging, running around
    And the happiest picture and picture
    Are our single-handedly arranged!
    And then by the good quality, skilled master to help complete the production!

    Origin / manufacturing method
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Memory toast / winter long-sleeved clothes (new version of cotton custom fabric)

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