[Tea] tea Baorun feel Ginger Flower Nourishing Shampoo 350ml fragrance Christmas gift exchange

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[Tea] tea Baorun feel Ginger Flower Nourishing Shampoo 350ml fragrance Christmas gift exchange


In the cold Christmas Eve, as a friend / family / spouse, a selection of the most heart-warming gift, natural, organic plant essence ingredients protect hair / skin, at home can experience the top nourish SPA, nourish your body and soul.

Natural seed, camellia, argan oil perfect combination of a variety of pure plant essence, protect your skin, bring you a new experience.

Run sleep tea
In enzyme-based seed, extracted nature's most pure cleansing ingredients, introduced organic personal care and cleaning series, Kim Yun-sik extraction, purification and nourish a sense of light renewable three series, with a variety of plant extracts essence flowers fragrance gently layer by layer coated body, leading you to experience unprecedented power plant extracts, natural fragrance awakening into.

[Tea] tea Baorun feel Ginger Flower Nourishing Shampoo Reviving Conditioner

General and fragile, brittle hair are applicable / herbal extracts nourish stable and efficient hair

Taiwan's precious natural tea seed combines the advantages of organic ginger root / organic rosemary essence superior ability conservation, gentle care of the scalp and repair damaged hair fragile and easily broken, and contain a variety of pure herbal extract formula, abundance of hair, solid hair root bifurcation reduce hair breakage, so you have a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

◆ camellia oil: Effective depth hair form a protective film, to provide parts support hair repair, prevention of aging.
◆ organic ginger root: there are strong hair and so on, but also both activated hair repair effect.
◆ White Ginger Flower: can penetrate the hair root, so get repair damaged hair, reduce breakage bifurcation.
◆ linseed oil: natural moisturizing repair cuticle effectively heal dry hair frizz hair and prevent moisture loss,
◆ Organic Rosemary: Effective active scalp, helps deep clean the scalp, strengthen hair roots.
◆ wheat protein: rich plant amino acids, to repair the hair cuticle, moisturize and protect the hair.

In line with the United States USDA NOP certified organic ingredients / silicon-free spirit, no chemical composition

Full Ingredients: pure water / natural tea seed enzyme / organic ginger root / organic rosemary essence / white ginger flower extract essence / bergamot / myrtle / nettle leaf / Burdock / cress extract essence / wheat protein / aloe essence / tea oil / camellia oil / linseed oil / coconut oil / vitamin E / vitamin B5 / natural sea salt
Capacity: 350ML
Usage: pour in the hands rub a little bubble, wash the scalp and head directly to the Fa then rinse can
Storage: Natural Products Do not direct sunlight, and placed in the shade
Shelf life: three years
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