Ying Charlene hand for hand wire rope / traction 💕- copper bracelet --💕 jewelry sizes S, M, L, M, this page is with thick lines numbered accessories MXM25, lanyard pale green fruit (formerly: green fruit powder)


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    / 💜💜**commodity story**💜💜 /
    Hand-woven silk Ying

    Is a hand rope
    Is a jewelry
    But some traction

    Red reminds me give myself courage
    I remember Huijia orange to accompany my parents to eat
    Green commemorates how hard I worked the summer of that year
    Yellow saying yes! Every day I have the energy to face everything

    Select a color and style, it represents my story
    Each worn on the hand is a piece of traction
    I remember those things those people who should not forget the past, present and future

    / 💜💜**optional embodiment**💜💜 /
    _1. Confirmed__copper jewelry__size & models (the trade name) _
    _2. Select thick or thin line (the trade name) _
    _3. Please leave a message marked change color, do not change no need to leave a message _
    _ Color can be changed, but__jewelry line thickness dimension &__can not be replaced, make sure that the correct product title.
    _ Handmade time consuming, do not bargain> < "_

    / 💜💜**Product Description**💜💜 /
    _ + Compact color silk Ying pure copper gold jewelry _
    _ Definition of the color of the commodity story is just an example, you define your own story ~ _
    _ Copper jewelry with bold or thin lines of fixed design, will not be replaced. _
    _ Ending ball pitch about 3cm, because spaces telescopic, the error does not affect the appearance of about 1cm ~ _
    _ Photos with a single shipment of goods, more than one picture for reference only _

    / 💜💜**foot rope**💜💜 /
    _ More than 21cm for the foot circumference size (limited to within 35cm), outside lanyard orders are subject to purchase the following pages (a total of two orders):
    "Charlene hand-woven silk Ying - Leash - plus purchase foot rope" _
    _ As 21.5cm foot circumference size in the order in hand can ring _

    / 💜💜**necklace**💜💜 /
    _ More than 35cm necklace size (limited to within 70cm), outside lanyard orders are subject to purchase the following pages (a total of two orders):
    "Charlene hand-woven silk Ying - Leash - plus purchase necklace"

    / 💜💜**wear embodiment**💜💜 /
    Amplifying the first wear before bracelet:
    1. Fixed Fixed main rope, one end of the catch "the ball knot +" from left and right movement can be adjusted (if not pull the other line is represented mainline)
    2. likewise the other end, while holding the ball moves sure the knot +
    3. The two ball that is closer to the direction narrowed, enlarged and vice versa
    _ Ying silk hand rope itself more smooth, silk often unilateral move position of status, and will not come loose fall, as long as you can and then pull the adjustment _
    _ Not necessarily fixed to the main parts in the intermediate position, the larger the aperture copper jewelry, or run to run around the ends will Oh (e.g. triangles) _
    _ In order to maintain a minimalist design, the initial operation is not easy to wear, it is better to facilitate activities of fasteners, may request the assistance of relatives and friends to wear _

    / 💜💜**size, size, size**💜💜 /
    _ _ Different sizes of copper fittings
    _ Note that the size of the wire diameter of about crude !!! 1.5 ~ 2mm, the fine diameter of about 1mm_

    / 💜💜**maintenance mode**💜💜 /
    _ Often wear more jewelry copper is not oxidized, oil maintenance can be a cotton swab and copper (metal line) use the wiper, salad off, toothpaste also, maintenance Avoid wires _
    _ Not fade Ying wires can touch the water, detergent or avoid touching sharp objects extend the life of jewelry _
    _ Designer wear dark & light about a year and a half, 24 hours (including bathing seawater swimming) neither removed, and the new little color difference, but according to personal habits & different look and feel, for reference purposes only _
    _ Please do not wear in the dry cloth, in the appended zipper bag and air separation _
    _ No merchandise warranty replacement line, charge a 130 (thin line) to 160 (thick line) element, back and forth extra postage buyers. _

    / 💜💜**Production & shipping time**💜💜 /
    _ Traction rope is hand orders before production, due to the production time-consuming, if urgent please discuss ways and mailing designers _
    _ Because not have much time, received orders not otherwise respond, but on time or early delivery (post office & outside Taiwan in case of extended holiday), under orders to set clear content and complete the payment date, whichever date:
    _ The next set day each month: 1 to 5 days -> the 10th ship, from 6 to 10 -> the 15th ship, 11 to 15 -> the 20th ship, 16 to 20 days -> the 25th ship 21 to 25 -> 30 shipments, 26 to 31 -> bimonthly shipping 5th. _
    _ Convenience stores Sent from about 2 to 3 days delivery, the post office registered about 1 to 2 days delivery _
    Please leave a message _ other parts of freight discuss Oh ~ For other regions, please leave a message to the discussion_
    _ As easy as 7-11 or family, please choose your family, thank ~~~ _
    _ Please note that the pick-up time, check parts of documents retaining only three months _

    / 💜💜**Size Measurement**💜💜 /
    Please cut ___rope / clothmeasure Surround / ankle / wrist head ear__position, then open perimeter marked by the length, the amount of requested__actual size__or__desired wearing tightness__(e.g. hand around 14, but would like to wear 15, we chose size 15). _
    _ Such as size selection not sure to follow your hand around the actual production _

    / 💜💜**Special attention point**💜💜 /
    _Charlene to work, apart from a small corner set up personal studio, limited manpower> <.... only**after work or holiday**reply to the message & production of goods, if urgent can make sure that next time before shipment Order Oh! _
    _ Each item individually wrapped, for example, will have to buy five five packaging _
    _ When folded, the wires do not fold Ying, tie, clip pressure, otherwise it will cause deformation of the wire _
    _ Design advantages and disadvantages have been informed as much as possible, do not accept such order ^^ ||, have any questions before ordering, can be raised for discussion after receipt, designers are very sincere communication oh ~ ~ Please do not to evaluate the points, thanks ~ _
    "Many people _ to give encouragement and support to cheer, really deeply touched !!! ^ ___ ^
    Am looking forward to also cherish your evaluation, work busier unable to respond, please forgive me, To respond to reviews Please advise, thank you oh ~ _ "
    _ Each size different prices, set the wrong required of the customer to cancel the order on their own. For designers refund the difference in the envelope to deduct 3 percent fee Oh _
    _ In case of goods shipped in error, designers will be responsible for replacement and bear postage back and forth, to please inform Oh _
    _ Hand-tailored goods, unless shipped in error, without providing return _

    / 💜💜**commodity content**💜💜 /
    Hand wire rope Ying _ a _
    _ Commodity story card _
    A business card _ _
    Care instructions card _ _
    Jewelry lock bag _ _
    _ _ Paper bag
    *** otherwise provide small gifts paper (business card size), paper or pastel clouds paper such as art paper (without specified), please leave a message request.

    / 💜💜**Origin & production methods**💜💜 /
    Taiwan handmade _ _

    / 💜💜**Ying thread color**💜💜 /
    _ Thick lines of color: deep black, black coffee, burgundy, lucky red, dark blue, sky blue, forest green, grape purple, temperament gold, light green fruit (formerly: pink apple green), khaki brown, light gray, dark burgundy, watermelon red _

    _ Thickness of the color line has a total of 12 groups: deep black, dark coffee, burgundy, lucky red, dark blue, sky blue, forest green, grape purple, temperament gold, light green fruit (formerly: pink apple green), khaki brown , light gray, colors are on the shelf _

    _ Thin line color cards (only the lower right corner is a 2-color thick line) _
    FIG enlarged _ _

    _ Khaki brown kit slight color difference, a thin line of color a little bit deeper, dark blue kit also has a small color difference (little difference), mind, please refer to other color kit _
    _ How much color photographic conditions or because of the screen while displaying color, such as uncertainty or doubt please consult the designer _

    _ Wearing paradigm (model hand around 13.5) _

    / 💜💜**copper ornaments replace silver**💜💜 /
    _ Change copper silver, be sure to discuss in advance with the designer ~

    _ Wearing paradigm (model hand around 13.5) _

    / 💜💜**unowned decorated models**💜💜 /
    _ In the absence of the main live string decorated, apart from the two lines will be open as in the examples or open Oh _

    _ Wearing paradigm (model hand around 13.5) _

    _ _ Thin line page

    _ _ Thick lines page
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Ying Charlene hand for hand wire rope / traction 💕- copper bracelet --💕 jewelry sizes S, M, L, M, this page is with thick lines numbered accessories MXM25, lanyard pale green fruit (formerly: green fruit powder)

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