Printed version and brush color large notes


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    ** Figure I left have been sold, the only left-right diagram can be purchased. **


    * Large prints handprint notes *
    Cover with relief painting techniques handmade. From graphic design to hand engraving edition, hand-printed and then single-handedly.
    Use oil-based ink, gloss charming, waterproof do not fade.

    * Notes * Large brush color
    Cover to print color ink brush by hand, directly to do with the level of change in color front and back covers, this was not the same for each, only one.

    Zhen pages and explain
    - Size 15.2x20.5cm
    - Use plastic line installed, each page can be folded down, you can make full use of space for writing.
    - Backs adhesive gauze, Zhen firmer notebook clincher.
    - In Page equalizing tear line, each page can be easily torn, not cause trouble off the page.
    - A blank page 192, two kinds of paper, suitable for use in different mediums.
    - 160 pages colors Dowling, 32 of lightweight recycled paper.
    - Paper thickness is good, can be double-sided writing, ink-impermeable.

    Note: the left column Thumbnail 1.2 to 2 co Photos notebook positive and negative,
          Figure 3 Figure 45 is a single of the front and back covers,
          To purchase, please indicate the need to Fig. 3 or 4
          4 brush color notebook pages with the spine to have contaminated more ink, please refer to the picture, those who do not mind another subscript.
          Figure I left have been sold, the only left-right diagram can be purchased.

    Natural drying ink cover, time-consuming 5-10 days.

    Using wire with plastic, can flatten page.

    Inside pressure tear line can be easily torn off, do not worry about off the page.

    Book back adhesive gauze, Zhen firmer, even on the bag to carry, do not worry notebook loose.

    Pages using two kinds of paper, 160 for the primary Dowling, 32 using lightweight recycled paper.
    Dowling more solid and durable, recycled soft toner.
    If the general atomic pen, two kinds of paper are suitable, paper good ink absorption, and can be double-sided use, the ink is not easy to penetrate.

    Notebook production has almost 2 years,
    Each time using their own laptops,
    Always thinking about how to better.

    Some people will ask why not calendar notepad,
    Because we do not want this life of your notebook only one year,
    Hope no matter what time out,
    But when it is, is on the table or bag a beautiful little scenery.

    In addition to the unique color of the outer cover,
    We also hope to be able to use functional and closer to the writer,
    So in this generation of large notes III,
    Increased tear lines and inside backs gauze stuck,
    Making the notebook more solid Zhen,
    There will not be out of the problem of loose pages or laptop.

    Hope either notebook or lifestyle are slowly approaching their ideal state!
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Printed version and brush color large notes

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