◆ Suge Lei. Mother's Day cake Soon ◆ Tuileries Gardens 6 inches ☛4 / 30 before pre-order to ensure that the mother before the holiday arrival !!!

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◆ Suge Lei. Mother's Day cake Soon ◆ Tuileries Gardens 6 inches ☛4 / 30 before pre-order to ensure that the mother before the holiday arrival !!!


[Designer] Reminder
1. This is Mother's Day limited edition sold cakes, and finally the arrival date 5/8 (day).
2. During Mother's Day because of the huge cargo logistics, you may one day in advance of receipt in order to avoid delays in the arrival of
3. Please in the "Order Notes" indicate the designated arrival date ☛ "to specify the date for payment after five days."
(Currently optional arrival day 5 / 2,5 / 3,5 / 4,5 / 8, fixed sabbatical Wednesday, Thursday it does not arrive)
4. Pre-send a special Mother's Day postcard.
5. This cake does not contain bags, bags for purchase additionally Oh please !!

☛ About**Tuileries Gardens**
Paris most famous parks - "Tuileries Garden" chef to her as inspiration, the artistic style of the garden, and zero-day Paris perfect presentation.

☛**Tuileries Gardens**<Madagascar vanilla peach litchi X X Granadilla>


☛ Product Description Description
Product Name: 6 inches Tuileries Garden
Use ingredients: imported from France fermented cream / whipped cream, sterilization egg, flour, milk, sugar, 33% of Belgian chocolates, French origin deed for purees, gelatine, Madagascar vanilla pods, Japanese green tea powder Hill Park.
Size: six inches / diameter of about 17cm (handmade, there is an error value)
Vegetarian: vegetarian inedible
Contents: 6-inch column 1, a knife, fork plate 6 into each.
Tasting period: Edible completed within three days refrigerated 4c / 18c frozen for seven days.
Delivery: Delivery of frozen (refrigerated before eating, please put back the ice for 2 hours to make the whole cake softened only delicious)

☛**4/18 before Mother's Day Pre-send postcard**

About us

"I hope we do eat dessert is happy."

October 2012, for this dream and founded a small studio was born in Taichung. Had only wanted a very simple we can do through the tasting dessert we feel happiness and satisfaction, but to make a delicious dessert is the most indispensable of sugar, less sugar flavored dessert eat up bland, so specially selected French - "Le Sucré '- meaning to sugar as a name, we hope that through the purest ingredients, natural flavor, to pass our mind.
February 2015, we decided to first set up in the store between dream Tainan. Like salmon migration story because chef childhood growing up in Tainan, since reading, work outside the home counties after life, so when the decision to open the store when the first pick or choose his hometown grew up, in addition to want to this quaint French city to add some color, the most important is the happiest want this delicious to pass out, so come Suge Lei guests can feel our full intentions.

"Carefully selected ingredients and insist on quality."
Le Sucré Pâtisserie by two pairs of selected ingredients and production workers insist tenth founder of the composition, we often say that they do not accept, do not eat and do not like ingredients or product, we will never use is not ejected because we want to allow customers to eat is Suge Lei intentions and insisted that allow customers to choose the ingredients we can feel at ease, for the ultimate spiritual dessert can move, for details and levels of happiness with eat out, we like innovation, like the origin of the use of seasonal fruit to create a road but no surprise dessert burden.

"Let the people become happy dessert verb"
It is only through the emotional temperature of the human life to be able to convey the intentions of producers for dessert, so we insist on handmade, continuing the spirit of French desserts, join our creativity and ingenuity, then add ingredients and reassuring staff person professional techniques, even a simple cake body, you can eat a tasty difference.

"Happy to make breathing dessert."
"There is no excess sugar, no fake butter, no artificial flavors, happy to make breathing dessert" - this is from the shop on the same purpose, chef at the beginning of the development of new dessert, cream and sugar becomes too preoccupied, and in developing a new dessert, these links are very important, and we want to enjoy dessert all ages, and to eat no burden.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan Tainan handmade


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