Orange Mint - Vanilla Potato "Gift"

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ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
Orange Mint - Vanilla Potato "Gift"


Orange mint has a comfortable orange fruit,
There is a slight sense of refreshing will not make people pungent,
Is about to enter the summer, it is suitable for a drink,
Only need a few leaves,
Into the black tea, there will be the taste of the count black tea,
Add fruit juice, there will be cool outside the fruit juice,
Placed on the dessert, so that afternoon tea upgrade full score
When you mix into a salad, you can also eat it directly.
Can be described as the new darling of the mint sector (big heart)

Orange mint essential oil composition is high,
So it is often used to make the fragrance of orange oil.
The ancient Greeks on the wrist coated with mint on behalf of the power,
The mint of the British at least a little mint on the table.

In addition to the wide range of applications, the most important thing is its effectiveness,
Mint brain is the main component of mint,
Can stimulate the central nervous system to eliminate fatigue, worry and soothe the nerves.
After meals drink mint tea can help digestion,
As the ornaments gently rub can feel the fragrance of the willow orange incense.
░ Use ░
Watch, brewed mint tea, lettuce mix, dishes spices, clean air,
Made mint ice, medicinal, refined essential oil (orange fragrance) and so on

░ effect ░
Refreshing, eliminate fatigue, worry and soothe the nerves, eliminate flatulence, improve respiratory problems,
Treatment of cold headache, fresh air and so on

░ contents ░
Nederland Green Peppermint Potted, Nitride Green Peppermint Small Card, Green Finger Guide, Side Vegetable Design Package

░ size ░
9 cm x 9 cm potted plants about 15-20 cm (35-50 days size seedlings)

[About our business]
Hope that by us, let everyone on the impression of planting, to give a new set of definitions.
You can _ it is defined as the comfort of healing,
Can also _ as it is the value of fresh edible,

As long as a little bit of intentions, you can often eat their own kind of organic fresh side dishes,
From the beginning of life to raise a pot of side dishes, experience the beauty of nature,
Perhaps, raising the dishes may not be perfect,
But also true _ filled with hands and natural temperature,
With a different mood, into the eyes, eat into the feelings of the mouth,
Will be different from the previous scenery and taste.

__If there is time on the next single demand, it is recommended that you can use the station letter to ask us the current status of the dishes bar Oh! Merchandise photos are for illustrative purposes only, and the best condition is provided by the prevailing stock conditions. Because the plant itself is unique and can not copy the individual, even if the same species, but also because of the growth process, by the temperature, sunshine and other seasonal changes are not exactly the same appearance.__
Origin / manufacturing method
Made in Taiwan


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