DIVINE ROOTS Hungarian Queen Facial Treatment 120ml

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Balance the flora of the face and maintain a stable skin condition A must-have natural sacred product for sensitive skin and acne skin after washing Can also be used for scalp maintenance, soothing oil / dry itching discomfort



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DIVINE ROOTS Hungarian Queen Facial Treatment 120ml


People who are familiar with aromatherapy and fragrances may have heard of "Hungarian Queen Water", a recipe that has been circulating in Europe since ancient times. According to legend, the Queen of Hungary in the 14th century selected the most precious plants in Europe to cleanse and maintain skin. Not only did she exude a charming natural fragrance, but her skin was even more blown. The ancestor of modern perfume. It is also said that the early Gypsies regarded this formula as a panacea, and used Hungarian queen water from mouthwashing, foot washing to hair washing. Divine Roots In addition to adding lavender to the classic Hungarian queen water formula, it is more important to use organic apple cider vinegar as a base. Apple cider vinegar can not only effectively block blocked pores, but also rebuild the skin's balance, soothe the irritation of red itch, improve the skin's self-healing power, and make nutrients enter the skin more smoothly. Therefore, using apple cider vinegar after cleansing and before maintenance can effectively converge pores, soothe and brighten the skin, and make a perfect foundation for the subsequent maintenance of the skin. Apple cider vinegar can maintain good bacteria and keep the skin at a relatively low pH value. This environment is conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria such as "normal bacteria", and bad bacteria such as pathogenic bacteria are not easy to survive, especially after washing the face. Significantly, because cleansing products such as facial cleansers usually raise the pH value, if the pH value of the face is too high, it may cause dryness and sensitivity. Therefore, it is crucial to lower the pH value of the face after washing the face. Moreover, its astringent properties can also remove dirt and bad bacteria from the skin. Apple cider vinegar is rich in tannic acid (Tannins) to balance sebum secretion; rich prebiotic (Actibiome) can calm the skin and prevent subsequent re-stimulation; also contains probiotic metabolites (postbiotics), which can be directly increased Good bacteria on the skin. "Hungarian Queen's Beauty" uses the ancient Sun Infusion to extract vanilla plants. Organic roses, lemon balm, calendula, comfrey, lemon, rosemary, lavender, and sage are put into glass In the jar, add apple cider vinegar, soak the plant in full apple cider vinegar, and put it in the sun for at least two weeks. Use the heat of the sun to make the plant release more energy and essence. Bringing together the advantages of apple cider vinegar and vanilla plants, "Hungarian Queen Xi Yan Lu" is more versatile than ordinary Hungarian queen water, from anti-aging to soothing pores at one time. It is especially suitable for easily blocking the skin. Excellent bridge. Instructions: Please shake before use, if there is sediment is a natural phenomenon. Please avoid nose and eyes when using. 1. Use after cleansing: reduce the pH value raised after using facial cleanser to maintain the balance of the ecological flora on the face, and then use other functions of makeup water according to personal preference. 2. Use of lotion: It can converge pores and balance skin tone. 3. Scalp care: an excellent natural remedy for balancing sebum and curing scalp ■ Dry hair before washing: spray a proper amount on scalp and massage, then shampoo as usual. ■ Wet hair after washing: spray an appropriate amount on the scalp to massage, leave it on for a while, rinse it off, and blow it up as usual. Precautions: For external use only. Please keep in a dry and cool place. If there is discomfort or allergies, please stop or consult a physician.


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