READ Dazzling Elf Grecia | Hand made white crystal rain flower 925 sterling silver ear

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The white crystal is carefully selected, and the master's hand is made of 925 sterling silver ear needles.



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READ Dazzling Elf Grecia | Hand made white crystal rain flower 925 sterling silver ear

รายละเอียดสินค้า ►Elves. Grecia Pure white elf Galia Is the most beautiful dancer in the mountains Whenever the raindrops begin to play symphonies in the mountains Grecia will put on the most beautiful crystal dress Swinging and dancing Ps The flower in the rain was originally called "Mountain Lotus Leaf" and was opened in the mountains of Japan. The flowers bloomed in fine weather are white. The petals gradually become crystal clear when it rains. Therefore, it is also known as "Flower in the Rain" and "Crystal Flower". ► White Crystal: A versatile crystal that adjusts the body and mind in all directions . Five elements are water . Corresponding to all chakras . Suitable for everyone to wear . Have the purest power of the earth, bringing harmony and comprehensive healing . Has a strong purification stability, allowing each chakra and organ to perform their duties . Can concentrate energy release in a single direction, so you can make a wish to white crystal, accelerate your wish to come true ►Material The white crystal is carefully selected, and the master's hand is made of 925 sterling silver ear needles. ► Package contents Eco-friendly material carton, seal ribbon, READ Dazzling guarantee. ► One stroke, one stroke, one stroke, one stroke All the silver ornaments of READ Dazzling are designed by well-known British designers, and then finished by the masters of metalworking silver jewelry with decades of experience. READ Dazzling carefully selects natural high-quality crystal ore, only to retain the most pure earth energy, dedicated to each gentle heart, dedicated to 妳. ► Dazzling is wearing a shackle, in order to lick All READ Dazzling designs have a "7-day Appreciation Period" and a "One-Year Warranty" service. "7-day appreciation period": Returns are limited to non-human defects and failures. For return and repair, please write to the customer service mailbox and attach the goods to the fault photo. Please refer to the official website of the company for detailed service process specifications. "Holding within one year": You will receive a guarantee in the product box you received. If you don't break it during the wearing process, or need to resize or maintain, you can send the product and the warranty to us. We will handle you carefully for you. ► Silverware maintenance 1. Keep the silverware dry and never get close to hot springs and detergents. 2. Do not use tissue paper to wipe the surface. It is recommended to wipe with a silver cloth. 3. It is recommended to wear it every day, because the body oil can produce a natural and lustrous luster. ► Natural stone maintenance and purification 1. Natural crystal ore is recommended for aromatherapy, meditation or purification on natural crystal clusters. 2. Do not directly touch cosmetics, perfume, detergent, sea water, rain water or hot springs. Whether it is washing hands, bathing, sleeping or exercising, please remove the accessories.


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