Limited time-Niaoyuhuaxiang [painted flowers] can wipe the phone case (hand/neck strap must be purchased)

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Give the phone a beautiful dress ●Can wipe the phone screen, take away fingerprints and residual makeup ●Can protect the phone from scratches or bumps ●Small and ingenious design to prevent falling, even if the phone case is taken out upside down, the phone will not fall out easily ●Easy to clean, do not use bleach or softener...etc. ●"Additional purcha


Onor Design

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Limited time-Niaoyuhuaxiang [painted flowers] can wipe the phone case (hand/neck strap must be purchased)

รายละเอียดสินค้า "Introduction of Om Printed Phone Case" Generally, colored cloth has no wiping power. In order to make the color more vivid, continuing the advanced version of the past mobile phone cover cloth, Onor uses a higher density microfiber cloth, the cloth surface is more straight, and the same is super strong Wipe power. "Suitable for" ※I am used to putting my mobile phone in my bag, but I am afraid of scratches on the mobile phone screen. ※People who want to have a hand hanging or neck hanging function when traveling or commuting. ※Those who want to go shopping at a convenience store temporarily, and want to go out with light. ※When commuting, because the wallet often has more than two leisure cards (including the financial card in one), I want to manage and use them separately. ※After using the mobile phone, the screen is often dirty, hindering hygiene and appearance, and people who want to have the ability to wipe. "Multiple functions, once satisfied" 1. Mobile phone anti-drop Each Om multi-functional mobile phone case has 7mm cotton. After many tests and feedback from users, it is safe to hold it when it is dropped on the ground. 2. Excellent wiping power The full phone case is made of microfiber suede cloth, and its fiber is only 1/250 of the hair, which can easily wipe off the oil, fingerprints and residual makeup on the phone screen, and the extremely fine cloth surface will not scratch the phone. When you put it on the table, you can put the phone on the phone case without worrying that the tabletop will scratch the screen and lens. 3. Does not scratch the phone The phone case does not have a metal zipper. Instead, it is replaced by the Onor Design patented anti-falling design (patent certification: new M479640 & M479641). (Cover the cloth well to have a good anti-drop function, but you can't deliberately shake the phone case upside down, otherwise it may fall out!) 4. Hand-sewn, exquisite and simple The microfiber suede cloth is an elastic fabric, which is not easy to make. We ask the masters with many years of experience to sew it by hand. The whole mobile phone cover is folded inward, and the appearance can be minimal and delicate! 5. Items can be placed in the front pocket It can be installed with transportation cards, financial cards, credit cards, and you can go out as soon as you take the phone case! 6. Easy to clean The phone case will not be stained. As long as you don't use softener that can clog the fibers and bleach that can cause discoloration, you can wash it by hand or machine. If you can simply iron it with an iron, it can be restored to 90% new! 7. Various ways of use (additional purchase of hand and neck strap) One thing is multi-purpose to avoid losing your mobile phone. You can purchase Onor special hand sling/neck strap for travel, commuting, and work. The material is the same as the mobile phone case, so there is no need to worry about sweating or damaging the skin. How to choose the applicable size First measure the size of the phone (including the case): length, width, thickness (height) Select the appropriate size after adding up the data Length + thickness; width + thickness The bare metal or mobile phone case is made of metal aluminum and PC material. You can choose the data closer to the mobile phone case. The material is TPU and the data is less than 7mm. It is recommended to choose the larger size. If you are not sure about the size, please provide us with the data and choose the right size for you "There are five colors to choose from" The birds were calling one after another on the branch, as if talking about the arrival of spring. Greedy faces the gorgeous and sunny flowers, and strives to bloom for the beauty of the moment. The swaying fragrance aftertaste adds a touch of brightness to this spring and summer. New Color Series-Birds and Flowers 【Handsome】 【Painted Flowers】 【Mountain Cherry Blossom】 【Mountain Sakura Oriole】 【Rainforest】 In the production of Niaoyuhuaxiang mobile phone case, the non-continuous surface design is adopted, that is, the upper and lower edges of the mobile phone case will not be aligned. Please pay special attention (to reduce the difficulty of making the factory aunt). Niaoyuhuaxiang phone case does not have a special hand strap or neck strap, so you can match all hand neck straps. 【phone case】 (⇝Click me to enter the phone case) 【phone case】 (⇝Click me to enter the phone case) 【Hand/Neck Strap Accessories】 (⇝Click me into the hand/neck strap accessories)


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