Animal Fragrance Candle - Hippo / Animal Candle - Hippo

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1 - 3 วัน
Animal Fragrance Candle - Hippo / Animal Candle - Hippo


Animal language:
Recently found in the coffee with some fresh mint, drink up with dewdish fresh.
Recently found that coffee with some mint, it taste like fresh morning dew.

Human life in the rich and beautiful city, every day we contact with different people, and then develop a variety of life stories. The same time and space, in the grasslands, animals also have their different perspective, different ways of life, creating a diverse and natural pure world.
Living in the vivid city, we greet hundreds of people a day, meet each other and create many life stories.
Same time, some parts of the world, animals live by using their own angle of eyes. See this world and discover their own simple life.

product description:
Welcome to the animal world
From the perspective of the giraffe, see the blue sky
From the perspective of sheep bleating, see the green land
From the nose of the rhinoceros, smell the flow of river water
From the elephant's nose, smell the vitality of the wind blowing grassland
In the eyes of the lion, the world looks confident
In the eyes of the deer, the world looks novel
We run and stay with
Occasionally rest, and then continue to move forward
Good vent, and then a good life
Welcome to the animal world
Animals enjoy the view by their own angle of eyes Giraffe's see the blue sky. Little lamb's see the green land Feel the breath of river through rhino's nose
Feel the vitality of prairie through elephant's nose In lion's eyes, the world is controlled. In buck's eyes, the world is always new. We run, and stop.
We rest, and move on. We relax, and we live.

feature of product:
Haoshi animal candles with a fragrance smell, placed in the space will be distributed faint aroma (taste for the caramel and rosemary), like exposure to pure forest. In addition, the candle burned, only in the back burn a groove, the future can also be placed more meat or small candles, you can re-use.
The animal X CANDLE, is a fragrance candle which will spread light aroma (caramel and rosemary) indoors, feel like staying in a pure forest. In addition, after candle's burning, it will leave a groove on the animal's back, can place the succulent Plants or tealight candles

1. Please remove the packaging before burning, if the packaging bag if the wax on a little natural phenomenon
2. Use in a well-ventilated environment, but avoid use at the vent or exhaust
3. Keep your candles away from your eyes, pets and flammable items, candle pieces, paper products,
4. Before each burn, please trim the candle core to about 1 cm long to reduce the possibility of smoke
5. Do not expose candles with water
6. Burning time: 4-5 hours, burning every 2 hours after extinguishing 20 minutes before use.
7. Candles If exposed to strong light for a long time, the candle will discolor or fade. It is recommended that candles be stored in dry and cool place.

Product Size: 14.5cm (W) x5cm (D) x6.5cm (H)
Material: Wax / Wax
Colour: Black
Specifications: This product comes with anti-collision box
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan handmade


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