[Star picking] Strawberry crystal. Labradorite. 925 Sterling Silver Star Pendant Natural Crystal Bracelet

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[Star picking] Strawberry crystal and labradorite are always beautiful combinations. With the gentleness of the moonligh


Pink Laboratory

Pink Laboratory เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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[Star picking] Strawberry crystal. Labradorite. 925 Sterling Silver Star Pendant Natural Crystal Bracelet


[Star picking] Strawberry crystal. Labradorite. 925 sterling silver stars pendant natural crystal bracelet
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**[Design Concept | Design Concept]**
[Star picking]

Strawberry crystal and labradorite are always beautiful combinations.
With the gentleness of the moonlight, take off the shining stars for you.

Strawberry crystal corresponds to the heart of the human body,
Feel the magnetic field of love,
Also let people around you feel the existence of love.
Plus the Labradorite from Sri Lanka,
Is a deep spiritual spar
Increase people's tolerance and resolve negative energy in the heart.

[spiritual symbol]
Return to the energy of love, resolve negative energy, soften the heart

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**【Material| Material 】**

* Sri Lankan Labradorite 6mm
* Russian strawberry crystal 6mm
* Star pendant in sterling silver
* 925 sterling silver accessories
* American elastic line

Place of Origin: Hong Kong, hand-made design

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**【Hand Size| Size 】**
Please use a soft ruler at the thinnest part of your wrist, and wrap it around the wrist without looseness. Measure the circumference of your wrist.__not reserve space__yourself.

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**[Warranty Service | Warranty]**
All products of the Pink Laboratory are backed by a lifetime warranty.

If it is accidentally broken, damaged, or needs to be resized during the wearing process,
Please contact us and send us the product, we will handle it carefully for you.

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**【 Packaging | Packaging 】**
* Gift box
* White crystal degaussing stone
* German silver cloth
* Maintenance card

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**【 Logistics | Packaging 】**

Due to the restrictions on the category of crystal jewelry, Hong Kong SF refused to export parcels.
Hongkong Post’s airmail service is slow (arrival in one week).
We will send the parcel from Guangzhou SF in a unified manner. After the production is completed, it is expected to arrive in 2-4 days.

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**【 Use and maintenance】**
1. Crystal comes from nature, each has different cotton wool, ice cracks, impurities, etc., and there are also small flaws that cannot be polished. These features have become the most direct way to identify whether crystal is natural. When we make it, we will screen the crystals to remove the crystal beads that are not good, but there is no flawless natural crystal in the world.
2. Since the product contains silver accessories, please avoid wearing it when taking a bath, swimming or hot springs. Please remove it and put it back in the dust bag.
3. The Pink Laboratory adopts the international standard 925 silver decoration. For example, the silver decoration has a slight oxidation condition when it is in contact with air, moisture and skin for a period of time. It can be lightly wiped with a silver glazing cloth to restore the gloss.

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**【 Crystal Purification**
Crystal comes from nature and has its unique magnetic field and energy.
After receiving the product, the bracelet can be placed in the degaussing stone provided for purification and degaussing (more preferably 4 hours or more). After purification, the crystal energy is more likely to resonate with the wearer's magnetic field, strengthening the positive energy.

If you wear a crystal bracelet to some negative energy, such as hospitals, cemeteries, etc.
It is recommended to go home to degaussing and remove the negative energy that the crystal touches.

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**【 Pink Laboratory Pink Made】**
In the day-to-day life, keep a little romantic and poetic.
We firmly believe that each ore has its own unique energy and is designed to bring natural beauty to life.
We maintain a very high standard in the use and selection of raw materials to ensure that the ore comes from natural and pure sources.

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