Sleepwalking | Xiaozhi | Photography Text Illustration

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A journal made for forgetting, covering photography, text, and some illustrations. This is my memory. Maybe you have similar experience or can resonate with it.



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Sleepwalking | Xiaozhi | Photography Text Illustration


The idea of producing this book was as early as 2019, and was originally planned to be completed by the middle of the year. However, the process has not been smooth. Several times I have decided to give up, but suddenly have motivation at some time. These small failures are all processes. It is they who make the creation of this thing free and interesting. Ranch Ranch This time Zhi Zhi is not an illustration. It is closer to photography and text collection, with a little illustration assistance. However, photography is nothing for me. I never thought that I would produce a book with photography attached to it, but when I decided on the subject, I decided that only photography can interpret it. Ranch Ranch I have been frustrated during the process of printing and layout. I chose a little rough dark pink paper this time. The original file was highly saturated, but after digital printing, I like him a bit old and misty It feels closer to the concept of Sleepwalking. Ranch Ranch When I produced "Sleep Walk", my personal physical and mental condition was very bad. I often wandered around the city and made special detours to some specific fields in order to evoke memories of what happened before and do it in the same place. The same thing. This behavior trapped me, trapped me in the memory of the past, and gave birth to the idea: I want to discard all these memories, and the only way to go to the future is to forget. However, the contradictory psychology does not want them to disappear, so someone or something must help me remember and realize for me that this past that will be left by me, then it will last forever. Ranch Ranch So I picked up an unfamiliar camera and photographed these scenes. During the shooting process, I entered a field with strong emotions, and all my body feelings were called up. This is very brave to me. Ranch Ranch When I entered the post-production stage, I officially named it Sleepwalking. Through the production of this book, some of my pain was also relieved. The shooting process and the memories I experienced at the time were like a sleepwalking. Ranch Ranch So, I hope this book can bring some people the same feeling and heal some painful but wonderful memories. Ranch - ✧Specifications✧ Inside paper Digital printing 16p 10x10cm ✧ Precautions for purchase ✧ Each book is bound by the seller, so it is different Outer layers are shipped using secondary packaging materials Sorry for the imperfect appearance The contents will be completely packaged and attached with thick paper to prevent dents: D


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