Big staff Taipa [monthly series] edge pull × marriage wax rope bracelet × block for emotional multi-fold

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Red rope hand-knitted fine chain, fine bathing is not convenient There is no contradiction between wearing and wearing



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Big staff Taipa [monthly series] edge pull × marriage wax rope bracelet × block for emotional multi-fold


[Material] 925 sterling silver / imported Brazilian wax line [Chain length] The best wearing hand circumference is 15±2cm (the maximum circumference can be up to 17cm, and the hand circumference is more than 17cm) **This product does not provide a fixed circumference** ※ This product is tight when it is used, and there are some small waxes on the line. It is a normal phenomenon. The bracelet can be worn without taking a bath. ★ 925 sterling silver is not easy to allergy quality can wear a bath, generally normal wear according to the body (acid and alkali) different oxidation speeds are also different, silver decoration oxygen After the blackening, you can use the toothpaste / silver washing water / silver cloth to clean and wash, you can restore the silver white and easy to maintain. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----- Tainan, Taiwan, four months old ♀大观音亭法器-红线♂ Located in the Tainan Daguanyin Pavilion, it is characterized by its wide mouth. For the media, there is a special set, and the chances of successful matchmaking are high. Suitable for untargeted ♂大天后宫法器-胭脂粉(缘粉)♂ The moon in Tainan’s Great Tianhou Palace, encountering rare black hu According to legend, it is good at promoting men and women to achieve positive results. Suitable for those who are interested ♂Chongqing Temple Faculty - Vinegar Located in the central and western part of Tainan, Chongqing Temple is old and has a slightly forward posture. Listen to the troubles of men and women in the world and run for marriage. Suitable for emotional multi-folders ♂祀典武庙法器-拐杖♂ The old man, located in the martial arts temple of Tainan, is in a state of arrogance and specializes in rotten peach blossoms. Suitable for people, couples ★ After the completion of the wax rope, there will be a blessing of the old incense burner. After purchase, you can go to the familiar temple and the old saying about your wishes ★ May everyone be happy -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----- [Pray for the red rope and good luck] The popularity of the red rope has always been Not only because wearing can exorcise evil spirits, but also have a sense of fashion. The red rope can keep you safe and take all bad luck away. Every color has its effect! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----- Maintenance method It is normal for sterling silver jewelry to oxidize and blacken in the air. It can be stored in the box with the gift when it is not worn. The contact between the jewelry and the air prevents oxidation of the jewelry of pure silver. You can also use the maintenance of small things - silver water / silver cloth, Let the jewelry maintain a bright luster. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----- How to use small items Pure silver oxidized black maintenance as long as a soft toothbrush After a little bit of toothpaste and a light brush, rinse it to restore its luster. Dry the jewelry or dry it with a hair dryer Can be used with silver cloth to make the silver shine, like new Silver cloth For the maintenance of jewelry for weekdays, wipe the metal surface *When the silver cloth is a maintenance cloth that contains easy maintenance, do not wash it with water. The black cloth is turned off as normal, until it is not brightened and then discarded directly. Do not wipe the surface of the semi-precious stone with a silver cloth. If it is rubbed for a long time, the surface of the semi-precious stone will be scratched or fogged. * Silver wash water 1. Put the silverware in the silver wash water and dip it for 3 to 5 seconds. 2. Take out the jewelry from the silver wash water and rinse it with plenty of water. 3. Dry the jewelry or dry it with a hair dryer 4. Can be used with silver cloth to make the silver decoration shine, like new Remember that the vintage black jewelry should not be soaked in a wash of water, otherwise the retro black will become the original silver 喔!


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