Bubble Bracelet (Black)

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Put the secrets in the bubbles, let them push and play, and stack crystal clear daydreams.



1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Bubble Bracelet (Black)


Put the secrets in the bubbles, let them push and play, and stack crystal clear daydreams. /size/ Size: 12x8x0.4mm Adjustable chain: 14.5-16.5cm / Materials / Stainless steel / Use and maintenance methods / Notes on product use. When wearing, please take off first if you sweat, try not to contact with sweaty skin, to maintain the chain gloss, to avoid moisture and moisture affecting the chain metal material causing moisture oxidation. . When taking a bath, please remove it first to prevent moisture and moisture from affecting the metal material of the chain and causing moisture oxidation. . When wearing, avoid holding heavy objects to avoid deformation and fall of the pendant. . When not wearing, use a silver cloth or glasses cloth, gently wipe the chain pendant clean, and store it in a sealed place with a chain bag and store it in a dry place. Product Use Prohibition . It is strictly forbidden to wear while bathing in hot springs, swimming pools, swimming at the beach or playing in the water. The above activities will cause unpredictable oxidation and damage to the metal chain ornaments. . Children under the age of 12 are forbidden to wear for safety. / Designer and brand profile / moorigin has no dazzling bead and diamond ornaments, no dreamy lace sequins, natural and simple design style combined with pure materials, returning to the original point of thinking, appealing to a simple and quiet beauty, and conveying a spirit of anti-imperialism. moorigin pays attention to the subtle changes in every link of the design process. The strict selection of materials, delicate production processes, lightweight and economical packaging, and uncompromising details are the brand's most basic insistence. Looking forward to the product falling into the hands of customers, it is like drinking a sip of pure and good water, a simple and comfortable feeling, and experiencing this distinctive fashion taste. About moorigin desires to bring you exquisitely designed products that reflect the timeless beauty and simplicity of nature. the spirit of innocence and new beginnings.at moorigin we pay attention to each part of the production process, from the intricate designs, the strict material selection, all the way down to our clean and simple packaging.our hope is that when you own one of our timeless products you are remind of all things unique, pure, lovely and simple. the things that make this life beautiful. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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