2.3x/5.2D/85mm LED dimming handheld dual purpose magnifying glass with gooseneck clip【N272】

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2.3x/5.2D/85mm LED dimming handheld dual purpose magnifying glass with gooseneck clip【N272】


**Hamlet Optical Series** **2.3x / 5.2D / 85mm LED dimming handheld gooseneck clip-on dual-purpose magnifying glass【N272】** **product description** Sometimes I want to read a book, sometimes I have to stare at small objects and work... 【N272】Unique dual-purpose design allows you to get it done in one shot! Reading, viewing the menu, looking at the small print of the leaflet, you can easily use it by installing a hand-held handle; assembling models, fine carving, soldering iron, nail trimming, needle threading, and sewing, often require both hands to use, install the gooseneck metal table side clip, It can be firmly clamped on the side of a table of 10mm~50mm, and hands-free work can be carried out easily. It is suitable for elders, professional technicians, and job redesigns. 【N272】Using high-cost optical white glass lenses, with up to 97% light transmittance, the visual field is clear, bright and natural, and it is not easy to increase eye fatigue even if used for a long time. The magnification is true 2.3 times, and the effective mirror diameter is 85mm. Compared with the same type of magnifying glass on the market, the field of view is larger and it is easier to read for a long time. It adopts 6 high-brightness LED white light illumination, can be adjusted in 3 levels, built-in lithium battery, the battery life is up to 5 hours in bright light mode, even if it is dead, only need to charge via micro USB, and it can also be used while charging . **feature of product** **Clear and sharp optical white glass lens** The use of optical white glass with a mirror diameter of 3.5 inches (90mm) has high light transmittance, which makes the image clearer and sharper. It is less prone to fatigue when used for a long time. The effective mirror diameter is 85mm after being installed in the body; transparent white glass can be used. Clearly see the true color of the object, and avoid the color deviation caused by general blue glass (the following is the actual comparison diagram of 3D/5-inch (127mm) lenses). https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Hamlet-Magnifying-Table-Lamp/3D-optical-glass-2-PL2.jpg?1498217232753 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Hamlet-Magnifying-Table-Lamp/3D-normal-glass-2-PL2.jpg?1498217242009 **2.3 times magnification** The lens has a refractive power of 5.2D, a true 2.3x magnification, and an eye distance of about 250mm. It is suitable for reading, sewing, handicrafts, nail art, and small parts assembly. Patients with amblyopia and low vision can be used together with a spectacle magnifying glass. Through the combination of magnification, a higher magnification and a larger field of view can be obtained. **LED white light illumination with 3-stage dimming** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/e4e2c2f7f16222ddd9939da1db39f3a7.jpg Using 6 high-brightness LED white light lamps as the lighting source, it will not produce high temperature even if used for a long time, has many advantages such as long service life, energy saving, etc., and it can be easily read in a dim environment. Three-segment brightness adjustment can be carried out through the button. **Unique dual-purpose design** [N272] The head of the magnifying glass can be used as a handheld magnifying glass with a hand-held handle, which can quickly adjust the viewing focal length; install a gooseneck metal table side clamp to be used as a magnifying glass for work. Hold the edge of the table firmly and perform Hands -Free working with both hands. **Built-in lithium battery 5 hours long-lasting battery life** This product has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The battery life can be up to 5 hours in strong light mode. It can be charged via micro USB. The charging time is about 2 hours. It can be used while charging. **How to use** 1. Install the hand-held handle or gooseneck table side clip to the head of the magnifying glass according to your needs. 2. Adjust to proper eye distance and focal length to see a clear magnified image. 3. In a dim environment, you can press the power button on the inside of the magnifying glass head to turn on the LED lighting, which is strong, medium, low light, and off in sequence. 4. If the power is insufficient, the light will be noticeably weakened. At this time, you can plug in the charging cable through the micro USB hole inside the head for charging. Please bring your own charging head. 5. When charging, the indicator light next to the micro USB port is red, and when it is fully charged, it is green. This product can be used while charging. **Actual photo taken** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/d5b2559a9919655ae83dd6febd5ad1ee.jpg https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/86ee2346fc1db3ef71bcc12265d97975.jpg https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/dbf45d6c501ee1f75a2ceff39b94b29f.jpg https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/4d0af39a2befd579b6bac21c21dccaf2.jpg https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/366f166ce8a47d59cbbe49789a57698c.jpg **Precautions** 1. Do not place the lens in the sun when the lens is exposed to avoid danger. 2. The best results can be obtained within the focal length (working distance) and eye distance during use. Actually, it may vary slightly depending on the individual's visual acuity. 3. When wiping the mirror surface, do not wipe back and forth vigorously, as it may still cause scratches on the mirror surface and affect the field of vision. It should be wiped gently with a damp cloth in a single direction, and then wiped dry with a dry cloth. 4. This product is powered by a lithium battery and has no battery memory effect. Please do not charge it when it is completely out of power to avoid a reduction in battery life. 5. Please don't disassemble it by yourself, if disassembled, it will not be guaranteed. **Product specifications** Magnification: 2.3 times Diopter: 5.2 Diopter Mirror size: 85mm Lens material: optical white glass Lens method: Plano-convex plano-convex lens Lighting source: SMD-LED white light *6 Brightness adjustment: Yes, 3 segments Focal length (working distance): 160mm Eye distance: 250mm Material: ABS plastic, metal Use battery: built-in 180mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery Rated voltage: 5V1A Charging connector: micro USB Battery life: about 5 hours (when using strong light mode) Charging time: about 2 hours Charging cable length: 50cm Gooseneck length: 30cm Clamping thickness: 10mm~50mm Clamping depth: 55mm Product size: length 470x width 110x thickness 20mm Product weight: 220g (hand-held) / 410g (clip-on) / 540g (total weight) Contents: magnifying glass head, metal hand-held handle, gooseneck metal strong table holder, micro USB charging cable, storage sleeve, lens cleaning cloth Place of Origin: Mainland China Product warranty: one year **brand introduction** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/hwatang-logo-M2.jpg?1498211963935 Since its establishment in 1984, Huatang Optical Industry Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and acting as an agent for importing various magnifiers, binoculars, compasses, optical microscopes and other products. It is an optical instrument company with the most magnifying glass items in China. Various industries improve work efficiency, help many people with degraded vision and eye diseases see more clearly, and provide consumers with high-quality products at affordable prices. You no longer need to worry about spending a lot of money but not being able to buy suitable products. The year after the company was founded, we launched our own brand and entered the international market with the "Hamlet Optics" Mllet optical series. In particular, handheld magnifiers, portable holster magnifiers, and metal cloth mirrors are sold at home and abroad and are well-known in the world. Good weapon. We continue to explore user needs and develop various innovative products, hoping that everyone can see comfortably and regain the joy of reading. Huatang Optics honestly provides product specifications and manufacturing origin information, so that you don't have to worry about buying inferior products with large magnification, or mixing products made in Taiwan with mainland products. https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/hwatang-company3-PL2.jpg?1497865948803


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■ Good things for job redesign ■ Convenient and unique dual-purpose design ■ Work with a hand-held reading table ■ 85mm comfortable and large field of view ■ Optical white glass has no chromatic aberration ■ LED white light three-segment adjustment ■ 5 hours long-lasting battery life ■ micro USB charging


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